Bank Offering IMPS Fund Transfer

IMPS is an abbreviation for "Immediate Payment Service". It is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service that helps you access your bank account and transfer funds immediately and securely. It can be done through various channels such as ATM, Mobile Phones, Internet Banking, etc. The transferred money is credited to the beneficiary account instantly. This is facility was introduced in 2010 by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Following table shows the detailed list of banks offering IMPS Fund Transfer Facility using different channels:

IMPS Member Banks

Bank NameUsing Mobile No. & MMIDUsing Account No. & IFS CodeUsing AadharMerchant PaymentActive Channels
Allahabad BankYesYesMobile/Internet/Branch
Andhra BankYesYesYesMobile/ ATM/Branch/Internet
Axis BankYesYesYesYesMobile/Internet
Bank Of BarodaYesYesYesYesMobile/Internet/Branch
Bank Of IndiaYesYesMobile/Internet/Branch
Bank Of MaharashtraYesYesMobile/Internet
Bnp ParibasYesYesYesMobile
Canara BankYesYesYesYesMobile/ATM/Internet
Catholic Syrian BankYesYesYesYesMobile/Internet
Central Bank Of IndiaYesYesMobile/Internet/Branch
Corporation BankYesYesYesMobile/Internet/Branch
Dena BankYesYesMobile
Dhanalakshmi BankYesYesMobile
Federal BankYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
Hdfc BankYesYesMobile/ Internet
Icici BankYesYesYesMobile/Internet
Idbi BankYesYesMobile/Internet
Indian BankYesYesMobile/ Internet
Indian Overseas BankYesYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
Indusind BankYesYesYesMobile/ATM/Internet/Branch
Jammu And Kashmir BankYesYesYesMobile
Karnataka BankYesYesMobile/Branch/Internet
Karur Vysya BankYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
Kotak Mahindra BankYesYesYesYesMobile/ Internet/ATM
Lakshmi Vilas BankYesYesMobile/ ATM
Oriental Bank Of CommerceYesYesYesYesMobile/Internet/Branch/ATM
Punjab And Sind BankYesYesMobile
Punjab National BankYesYesYesMobile/ATM/Internet/Branch
Ratnakar BankYesInternet
South Indian BankYesYesYesMobile/Internet
Standard Chartered BankYesYesMobile/Internet
State Bank Of Bikaner And JaipurYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
State Bank Of HyderabadYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
State Bank Of IndiaYesYesYesMobile/Internet
State Bank Of MysoreYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
State Bank Of PatialaYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
State Bank Of TravancoreYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
Syndicate BankYesYesYesMobile/ Internet/ Branch
Tamilnad Mercantile BankYesYesYesYesMobile/ATM
Uco BankYesYesYesYesMobile/Internet
Union Bank Of IndiaYesYesYesYesMobile/ATM/Internet/Branch
United Bank Of IndiaYesYesYesMobile/ Internet/Branch
Vijaya BankYesYesYesYesMobile/ Internet/Branch
Yes Bank LtdYesYesYesMobile/ Internet
City Union BankYesMobile/ Internet
Bharatiya Mahila BankYesYesMobile/ Internet
Bandhan BankYesYesInternet/Branch
Idfc BankYesInternet
Barclays Bank PlcYesInternet
Pandharpur Merchant Co-operative BankYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Kashi Gomti Samyut Grameen BankYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Gayatri Co-operative Urban BankYesMobile
Maharashtra Grameen BankYesYesMobile/Branch
Suco Souhadra Sahakari BankYesYesMobile/Branch
The Surat District Co-op. Bank LtdYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Dr. Annasaheb Chougule Urban Co-op Bank LtdYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Bassein Catholic Co-op BankYesYesYesMobile
Thane Janata Sahakari BankYesYesYesMobile/Branch
The A.p Mahesh Urban Co-op BankYesYesYesMobile/Branch
The Greater Bombay Co-op BankYesYesYesMobile
Cosmos Co-operative BankYesYesYesYesMobile
Punjab And Maharashtra Co-op BankYesYesYesYesMobile
Nkgsb Co-operative BankYesYesMobile
Mehsana Urban Co-operative BankYesYesYesYesMobile/Branch/Internet
Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari BankYesMobile
Janaseva Sahakari BankYesYesYesMobile
Janata Sahakari Bank, PuneYesYesYesYesMobile/Branch
Dombivli Nagarik Sahakari BankYesYesYesMobile
Gopinath Patil Parsik Janata Sahakari BankYesYesYesMobile
Nainital BankYesYesMobile
Saraswat BankYesYesYesMobile
National Co Operative BankYesYesYesMobile
Pochampally Urban Co Operative BankYesYesBranch
The Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank LtdYesYesYesYesMobile
Shri Arihant Co-operative Bank LtdYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Apna Sahakari Bank LtdYesYesYesYesMobile/Branch
Pune Peoples Co-operative Bank LtdYesYesBranch
Shivalik Mercantile Co-op. Bank LtdYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Parshwanath Co-operative Bank LtdYesYesBranch
Thrissur District Co-operative BankYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Varachha Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Jalore Nagrik Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Janata Co-operative Bank Ltd., MalegaonYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Shri Basaveshwar Sahakari Bank Niyamit, BagalkotYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Baroda Uttar Pradesh Grameen BankYesYesMobile
The Shirpur Peoples' Co-op Bank LtdYesYesYesMobile And WAP
Kerala Gramin BankYesYesYesMobile
Pragathi Krishna Gramin BankYesYesYesMobile
The Municipal Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesYesMobile
The Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank LtdYesYesMobile/Branch
The Gujarat State Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesMobile/Branch
Yadagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Co Op Urban Bank LtdYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Hutatma Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
The Adarsh Urban Co-op. Bank Ltd., HyderabadYesYesBranch
The Hasti Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
The Mayani Urban Co-operative Bank LtdYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
The Pandharpur Urban Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Rajapur Urban Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Ahmedabad District Central Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesMobile
Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesYesYesMobile/Branch
Rajgurunagar Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesMobile/Branch
Shri Veershaiv Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesMobile/Branch
Vishweshwar Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesYesYesMobile
Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin BankYesYesMobile
Raipur Urban Merchantile Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesYesBranch
Utkal Grameen BankYesYesMobile/Branch
Nutan Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesMobile/Branch
Karnataka Vikas Grameena BankYesYesMobile
Andhra Pragathi Grameen BankYesYesMobile
Saurashtra Gramin Bank.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin BankYesYesBranch
Purvanchal BankYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Lokmangal Co-op. Bank Ltd., SolapurYesYesSMS/Mobile
The Mahanagar Co.op. Bank Ltd.YesYesYesMobile
Dapoli Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Suvarnayug Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesBranch
The Sutex Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Kaveri Grameen BankYesYesBranch
Baroda Gujarat Gramin BankYesMobile
The Chikhli Urban Co-op Bank Ltd.YesYesBranch
Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas BankYesYesBranch
Irinjalakuda Town Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesYesMobile
Pune Cantonment Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Shivajirao Bhosale Sahakari Bank Ltd.YesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Uttarakhand Gramin BankYesBranch
Maratha Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesYesBranch
The Baramati Sahakaribank MaryaditYesYesMobile
Prathama Gramin BankYesMobile
The Bharat Co-operative Bank (mumbai) Ltd.YesYesMobile
Sutlej Gramin BankYesYesBranch
Jammu & Kashmir Grameen BankYesSMS
Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin BankYesBranch
Meghalaya Rural BankYesBranch
Vananchal Gramin BankYesBranch
Madhyanchal Gramin BankYesBranch
Telangana Grameena BankYesMobile
Odisha Gramya BankYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesYesBranch
Langpi Dehangi Rural BankYesBranch
Arunachal Pradesh Rural BankYesBranch
Mizoram Rural BankYesBranch
The Jalgaon Peoples Co-op Bank LtdYesMobile
Ahmednagar Merchant's Co-op. Bank Ltd.YesYesBranch
Pavana Sahakari BankYesMobile
The Vasai Vikas Co-op Bank LtdYesYesBranch
Poornawadi Nagarik Sahakari Bank MaryaditYesYesNot Applicable (As Beneficiary)
The Malad Sahakari Bank LtdYesMobile
Shree Mahalaxmi Co-operative Bank Ltd.YesMobile

Upcoming Bank Holidays

2017 February 24 is a bank holiday in Chandigarh due to Mahashivratri.
2017 February 27 is a bank holiday in Sikkim due to Losar.
2017 March 03 is a bank holiday in Mizoram due to Chapchar Kut.
2017 March 12 is a bank holiday in Jammu And Kashmir due to Holi (Jammu Province Only).

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