Recurring Deposit Interest Rates (as on 18 Apr 2019)

In Bank Recurring Deposit account, a pre-specified amount is deposited at periodic intervals on a regular basis and its term is available from minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 10 years with monthly instalments of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108 and 120 months.

Whenever you want to start a RD, you would like to search for the best RD to invest in. Some other schemes offered to minors, students and parents to save money for the children. Such schemes may carry higher rates of interest. Following table will definitely help you showing Recurring Deposit Interest rates offered by various banks for different tenure.

In order to know your recurring account interest rates, you can use "Recurring Interest Calculator". You can check major bank's recurring interest rates like Axis Bank, State Bank of India, Central Bank etc.

Its calculate option facilitates you to easily calculate the amount of interest earned as well as the maturity amount. The current interest rates available from different banks range between 6.50% and 6.75% per annum.

Find Bank Recurring Deposit Interest Rates (as on 18 Apr 2019) from below list.

Recurring Deposit Interest Rates as on 18 Apr 2019

Bank Name1 Year (p.a.)5 Years (p.a.)Calculate
Esaf Small Finance Bank 8.75%7.00%
North East Small Finance Bank 8.50%6.75%
Suryoday Small Finance Bank8.50%7.25%
Equitas Small Finance Bank 8.50%7.00%
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank8.50%7.00%
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank 8.30%6.50%
Rbl Bank 8.00%7.20%
Indusind Bank8.00%7.25%
Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd8.00%%
Indusind Bank7.90%7.50%
Capital Small Finance Bank 7.65%7.50%
Laxmi Vilas Bank7.60%7.75%
Karnataka Bank 7.50%6.50%
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank 7.40%6.90%
Standard Chartered Bank7.40%%
Bandhan Bank 7.35%6.40%
City Union Bank 7.35%6.70%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 7.30%6.50%
Hdfc Bank7.30%6.50%
Jammu And Kashmir Bank 7.30%6.50%
Axis Bank7.30%7.00%
Federal Bank7.30%7.25%
Idbi Bank7.25%6.25%
Karur Vysya Bank7.25%7.00%
Yes Bank7.25%7.25%
Dcb Bank 7.00%7.25%
Catholic Syrian Bank 7.00%6.50%
Canara Bank7.00%6.20%
Idfc Bank 7.00%8.25%
Au Small Finance Bank 7.00%7.25%
Disclaimer: The Recurring Deposit Interest Rates keep on changing. You are advised to check the interest rates with banks before making your FD.     Source: Bank Websites

Bank FD Interest Rates List (as on 18 Apr 2019)

Bank TenureInterest Rate
Nellore District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd12 Months9.50%(p.a.)
Nagar Urban Co Operative Bank12 Months9.25%(p.a.)
Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank12 Months9.05%(p.a.)
Esaf Small Finance Bank Limited12 Months8.75%(p.a.)
Idukki District Cooperative Bank12 Months8.75%(p.a.)
Rajarambapu Sahakari Bank Ltd12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
Samarth Sahakari Bank Ltd12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
Rupee Cooperative Bank Ltd.12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
North East Small Finance Bank Limited12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
Jalna Merchants Coop Bank Ltd 12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
Suryoday Small Finance Bank12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited12 Months8.50%(p.a.)
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited12 Months8.30%(p.a.)
Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Limited12 Months8.25%(p.a.)

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