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Dhanalakshmi Bank Branches

Dhanalakshmi Bank is a largest public sector bank in India with total assets 0. Dhanalakshmi Bank was established on 1927 and has headquarter in Thrissur. Find NEFT enabled Dhanalakshmi Bank Branches from below list.

It has 0 NEFT enabled branches and 0 ATMs across India. Find all available branches of Dhanalakshmi Bank in India. Also find term deposit or fixed deposit interest rate of Dhanalakshmi Bank.

Dhanalakshmi Bank Branches List

Bank NameCityBranch
Dhanalakshmi BankThrissurThrissur Main
Dhanalakshmi BankKochiEkm Shanmugam Road
Dhanalakshmi BankPalakkadPalakkad Big Bazar
Dhanalakshmi BankThrissurThrissur Puspagiri
Dhanalakshmi BankValapadPeringottukara
Dhanalakshmi BankVadanappallyKanjany
Dhanalakshmi BankKalparambaKalparamba
Dhanalakshmi BankKodakaraKodakara
Dhanalakshmi BankThrissurThrissur High Road
Dhanalakshmi BankKunnamkulamKunnamkulam
Dhanalakshmi BankPazhanjiPazhanji
Dhanalakshmi BankIrinjalakudaIrinjalakuda
Dhanalakshmi BankCherthalaCherthala
Dhanalakshmi BankKuthiathodeKuthiathode
Dhanalakshmi BankThrissurThrissur Round South
Dhanalakshmi BankParliParli
Dhanalakshmi BankKochiMattancherry
Dhanalakshmi BankKochiPalluruthy
Dhanalakshmi BankVadakkancheriVadakkencherry
Dhanalakshmi BankEdappalEdappal
Dhanalakshmi BankCheruthuruthyCheruthuruthy
Dhanalakshmi BankPattambiPattambi
Dhanalakshmi BankPazhayannurPazhayannur
Dhanalakshmi BankKuzhupillyKuzhupally
Dhanalakshmi BankHaripadHaripad
Dhanalakshmi BankKongadKongad
Dhanalakshmi BankKanjikuzhiS L Puram
Dhanalakshmi BankKodungallurThiruvanchikulam
Dhanalakshmi BankKunisseryKunissery
Dhanalakshmi BankParappurParappur

Dhanalakshmi Bank Interest Rates

Maturity Period Interest Rate (p.a.)Calculate
30 Days3.50%
45 Days3.50%
60 Days4.00%
90 Days4.00%
120 Days4.25%
6 Months4.50%
9 Months4.50%
12 Months5.25%
2 Years5.25%
3 Years5.50%
4 Years5.50%
5 Years5.50%
10 Years5.60%

Bank Interest Rates