How to Transfer Idbi Bank Saving Account from One Branch to Another Branch?

How to Transfer Idbi Bank Saving Account from One Branch to Another Branch: While opening an account with a bank, we try to open it in a branch which is nearby and is easily reachable. In case, you are relocating yourself and your family to a different place or city, you would definitely like to transfer your existing account to a branch which would be near to your new location.

Transferring an account to another branch is needed because many times we need to visit our branch personally and in today's busy life; it is very difficult to visit a branch which is very far from your location.

When it comes to transfer the account from one branch to another, you would like to know how to transfer the bank account from one branch to another branch? It is very easy process which doesn't take more than 10 minutes of yours hence no need to worry about it.

Steps to transfer the Idbi Bank saving account from one branch to another branch

You need to follow these steps for the purpose of transfer of your Savings account from one branch to another branch:

(1) Personally Visit your Home Branch

You are first required to go to your branch personally where your existing account is. There you would give a request for account transfer.

(2) Give a written request to Transfer your Savings Account

You are now required to submit a written application for transferring your Savings account to another branch. You need to mention the name of the branch properly and with due care, where you want to transfer your existing account. Some banks also require the reason for such transfer.

(3) Submission of your KYC Documents

You have to submit KYC documents, in case your bank asks for them, which include copies of PAN Cad, Identity Proof and Address Proof.

The banker will verify all the documents and if everything is complete, it will initiate for transferring your account to the new branch. It usually takes 2 to 3 days' time.

(4) Visit your New Branch

After getting the transfer confirmed from your old branch, you may visit to your new branch for confirmation purpose.

(5) Get your new IFSC code from your New Branch

After getting the transfer confirmed from your new branch, get your new IFSC code and update that code wherever required.

Important Points regarding Transferring of Idbi Bank Saving Account

  • Some banks, now-a-days, also provide facility to change your bank branch online.
  • Your account number, customer id and other details will remain same even after transferring your account to another branch.
  • Get your new address updated in your bank passbook through your new branch, if your address is also changed, by submitting new address proof.
  • Get your IFSC code also updated, wherever required, as different branch generally has different IFSC.

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