Income Tax Return Filing Date 2023 for individuals and company

List of last dates of income tax filing in India in 2023 for individuals and company. Income tax return date 2023 late fee and return varification 2023.

  1. For Individual : 31 October 2023
  2. For Firm (in case if audit is pending): 31 October, 2023
  3. For Company (in case if audit is pending) : 31 October, 2023
  4. In Other Case : 31 July, 2023

Income Tax Return Verification 2023

Income tax E-verification is mandatory with in 120 days after income tax file, otherwise income tax will be rejected.

Income Tax Return Late Fees 2023

Accoding to law 139(1) if he/ she file his/ her income tax after last date, late fees will be applicale while he/ she submit tax in due date.

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