How to Register Vehicle to RTO in India?

All the vehicles in India is required to be registered with the local RTO by law. Whenever a vehicle is registered with an RTO, a registration certificate (RC) is issued to the owner of the vehicle.

There are 2 types of RTO Registration:

  1. Permanent Registration
  2. Temporary Registration

Forms for Registration

Form NumberForm Particulars
Form 20Form of Application For Registration of a Motor Vehicle.
Form 21Dealer Sale Certificate (Useful when doing self registration as need to submit)
Form 22Vehicle Road Worthiness Certificate
Form 25Form of application of renewal of certificate of regstration of a Motor vehicle, other than A Transport-vehicle
Form 26intimation of loss or destruction etc. of the certificate of registration and application For the issue of Duplicate RC
Form 27Application for assignment of new registration mark on removal of motor vehicle to another state
Form 28Application for 'No Objection Certificate and grant of Certificate
Form 29Form of notice of Transfer of Ownership of A Motor Vehicle
Form 30Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle
Form 31Application and intimation of transfer of ownership and the name of person succeding to the possession of the vehicle
Form 33Application to update your new address in the registration certificate
Form 34Application for making an entry of an agreement of hire - purchase/ lease / hypothecation subsequent to registration
Form 35Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire Purchase /Lease /Hypothecation
Form 36Application for the fresh issue of registration certificate in the name of the financier
Form 45Application of Grant of Permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle
Form 46Form of Application for Grant of Authorization for Tourist Permit /NP
Form 47Authorization for Tourist Permit or National Permit
Form 48Application for Grant of National Permit
DPES App FormRegistration Form for Dealer Point Enrollment System
Form 12Form of Application for the Permit of Motor Vehicle Training Institue
Form 13Form of Application for the Permit of Motor Vehicle Training Institue
Form 18Form of Application for the Duplicate copy of Trade Certificate in case of Lost / destroyed
Form 16For Road Tax Refund, in event of Inter State Registration or Cancellation of Registration mark
RTO Form DTApplication for Road Tax Refund