ICICI Bank Postpaid Telecom Bill Pay

Postpaid phone plans allow you to pay your bill after you have received service every month hence if you have taken a postpaid plan, you pay at the end of the month based on your usage.

Benefits of Postpaid Phone Plan

  • It eliminates the hassle of having to recharge your phone again and again
  • No need to worry about running out of credits when you are in the middle of any call
  • You get the phone call service first and need to pay later

If you have your account with ICICI Bank, then you get a facility to pay your Postpaid phone bills of any operator using a single SMS anytime, anywhere as per your convenience.

For paying any Postpaid Telecom Bill, you are required to send one SMS from your registered mobile number to 9222208888.

Type BILLPAY <space> 10-Digit Mobile Number <space> Telecom Operator <space> Bill Amount <space> Last 6 digits of ICICI Bank Account No. Send to 9222208888

ICICI Bank Postpaid Telecom Bill Pay

For Example: If you want to pay an Airtel Postpaid bill of Rs. 999 for your mobile number 9234567891 and the last 6 digits of your savings account number are 123456, you need to send the following SMS:

Type BILLPAY 9234567891 Airtel 999 123456 Send to 9222208888

Important Points for ICICI Bank Postpaid Telecom Bill Pay

  1. Before sending SMS, make sure that there is no space in the Telecom Operator name
  2. SMS text is not case sensitive which means that you can use uppercase as well as lowercase alphabets
  3. Note that the minimum amount for Postpaid Telecom bill payment through SMS varies from operator to operator
  4. Maximum amount which you can pay using ICICI Bank Postpaid Telecom Bill Pay is Rs. 1500 per day for any operator