How to Change Address in Saurashtra Gramin Bank

Change Address in Saurashtra Gramin Bank Account: Savings account allows you to keep your money in a safe place wherein you earn an interest every month on this money. One can deposit or withdraw the funds in this account whenever he wants. It can be opened by any individual.

As the address mentioned on your bank passbook or account statement serves as a proof of address, it is always a good practice for all the customers to check the address mentioned in your passbook and keep it up-to-date in their bank accounts in order to avoid any problem and communication gap. If you are already having your savings bank account in Saurashtra Gramin Bank, you may require, at some point of time, to change your address in your account with Saurashtra Gramin Bank, in case it needs updation.

Why to Change the Address in Bank Account?

You need to change your address so that:

  • You don't miss out any important communication sent by the bank to your address.
  • Address mentioned in bank's statement or bank passbook is accepted as Proof of Address.
  • Banks send Debit Card or PIN or Cheque Book or Statement of Account on this address only.

Reasons behind Changing the Address in Saurashtra Gramin Bank

You may want to change or update your address in your account in any of the following situations:

  • Your correspondence address is changed now.
  • Old address is still appearing in your bank account.
  • Your address appearing in your account is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Your address in your bank account is not appearing at all.
  • You may have shifted to a new location.
  • Someone else's address is appearing in place of your address.
  • Any other reason.

In order to change address your Savings account, you may be interested to know how to change Address in Savings Account in Saurashtra Gramin Bank? It's very easy to get your address changed in your account and you just need to follow a few steps for the same.

How to Change Address in Savings Account in Saurashtra Gramin Bank?

If you have a Savings account with Saurashtra Gramin Bank and interested to know how to change the address in your account, then following are the steps will have to follow:

(1) Visit Bank's Home Branch of your Savings Account

You need to visit the home branch of your account along with your your Proof of new address.

(2) Fill up the Change of Address Form (KYC Details Change Form) of Saurashtra Gramin Bank

In order to change address your bank account, the first step is to fill up Change of Address Form. This is also known as 'KYC Details Change Form'. Mostly banks have their standard KYC Details Change form.

You can either download it from bank's website or alternatively, you can visit your HOME branch, get the Change of Address (KYC Details Change) Form and fill it up properly. After that you need to sign it and submit it to the branch manager/ officer-in-charge. Please note that if there is/ are any joint holder/s in your account, all need to sign the account Change of Address Form.

You are also required to mention old address along with the new address in this form. Don't forget to mention your contact number in this form

(3) Cross check the details filled in the Change of Address Form

Before submitting the address change form, you must cross check the details filled in the form. You need to confirm whether following required fields have properly been filled n by you:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Name of Account Holder/s
  • Type of Account
  • Old Address
  • New Address (As per proof attached)
  • Contact Number

It is very necessary to check these details, so that there won't be any problem for your bank to change/ update your address.

(4) Attach Proof of New Address to Change of Address Form

All the holders of the account need to attach a copy of proof of new address to the Change of Address form. New Address Proof must be of the First Account Holder only. The account holders may also be asked to self attest it.

(5) Submit your Change of Address Form (KYC Details Change Form)

Submit your application directly to officials in the bank branch along with the required documents.

The banker verifies the documents submitted by you and if he finds all the things are correct, he will accept your application. After due verification of the credentials, your banker will process the request.

You may ask your banker as to how much time will it take to change your address in your bank account so that you can confirm address change is affected after that time.

(6) Confirm the address is changed in your account

Generally, you are notified by the bank about change of address in your account. In case, you have not received any such notification from bank, you should confirm that the address is changed in your account either through phone call or through visiting your branch.

(7) Update New Address on Bank Passbook

You should get new address printed in your bank's Passbook once it is updated in your bank account. It is necessary to do so as the passbook serves as proof of address also and hence updated address must appear on your cheque book.

If you follow above steps, you would be able to change the address in your bank account in a hassle free manner.

How to Change Address in Savings Account using Internet Banking?

Majority of banks give the facility to change your communication address online i.e. through internet banking. You need to perform the below mentioned steps to change address in your bank account through internet banking.

  • Step 1: Visit your bank's netbanking portal
  • Step 2: Login to your netbanking account with your login credentials i.e. Customer ID and Password
  • Step 3: Search for 'Update Contact Details' option and click on it. Select 'Update Address' Option
  • Step 4: Read the list of documents which are acceptable to change the address
  • Step 5: Press 'Continue' button
  • Step 6: You will be redirected to a new page, write your latest address in the space provided
  • Step 7: Upload address proof and click on 'Upload' button, submit your request now
  • Step 8: Your address will be changed within one or two days and the bank will notify you about the change in address in your account through email or SMS.

Documents Used as a Proof of Address

  • Passport
  • Voter's Identity Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Telephone bill(latest)
  • Bank account statement
  • Letter from any recognized public authority
  • Electricity bill (latest)
  • Ration Card
  • Letter from employer (subject to satisfaction of the bank)
  • Other Bank pass books
  • Self declaration by High Court & Supreme Court Judges giving the new address in respect of their own accounts
  • Identity card/ Document with applicant's photo, issued by:
    1. Central / State
    2. Statutory/ Regulatory authorities
    3. Public Sector undertakings
    4. Scheduled Commercial Bank
    5. Colleges affiliated to Universities (this can be treated as valid only till the time the applicant is a student)
    6. Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI & Bar Council etc to their members

Important Points regarding Change of Address in Saurashtra Gramin Bank Savings Account

  • For change of address in your savings account, you need to visit that branch of the bank where you had opened your account.
  • Don't forget to bring the original documents for bank's verification purpose.
  • The address mentioned in Change of Address Form should exactly be the same as that of proof given.
  • All the account holders should sign the Change of Address Form.
  • Don't forget to mention your contact details like mobile number, even if it's not changed.
  • Don't forget to confirm that the address change in your account is affected.
  • Get your changed address printed/ updated in your bank passbook.
  • Take an acknowledgement of request given for change of address from the bank.

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