Bank Of India Branches in Chhattisgarh State

Branch ContactBranch AddressCityDistrict
AbhanpurAbhanpurAbhanpur Dist.raipurAbhanpur Dist.raipur
Arb ChandigarhArb ChandigarhChandigarhChandigarh
Bade DongarBade DongarBastarKondagaon
BaikunthpurBaikunthpurBaikunthpur Cg Baikunthpur Cg
BalodBalodBaloda Bazar Cg Baloda Bazar Cg
Baloda BazarBaloda BazarBaloda Bazar Cg Baloda Bazar Cg
BanariBanariJanjgir ChampaChampa
BemetaraBemetaraBemetara Chhattisgarh Bemetara Chhattisgarh
BhataparaBhataparaBhatapara ChatisgarhBhatapara Chatisgarh
Bhilai McbBhilai McbBhilaiBhilai
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Bank Of India Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Maturity Period Interest Rate (p.a.)Calculate
30 Days3.00%
45 Days3.00%
60 Days4.50%
90 Days4.50%
120 Days4.50%
6 Months5.50%
9 Months5.75%
12 Months6.50%
2 Years7.25%
3 Years6.50%
4 Years6.50%
5 Years6.00%
10 Years6.00%

Bank Of India Recurring Interest Rates

Maturity PeriodInterest Rate (p.a.)
Year 17.00%
Year 26.75%
Year 36.50%
Year 46.50%
Year 56.00%