Bank Of Maharashtra Branches in Goa State

Branch ContactBranch AddressCityDistrict
BambolimBambolimNorth GoaNorth Goa
BandoraBandoraNorth GoaBandora
BetimBetimNorth GoaNorth Goa
CalanguteCalanguteCalanguteNorth Goa
CanaconaCanaconaSouth GoaCanacona
CaranzalemCaranzalemNorth GoaPanaji
CarapurCarapurNorth GoaBicholim
ChinchinimChinchinimSouth GoaChinchinim
Goa Housing BoardGoa Housing BoardSouth GoaMargao
Housing Finance Branch MadgaonHousing Finance Branch MadgaonSouth GoaSouth Goa
KumbharjuaKumbharjuaNorth GoaKumbharjua
MadkaiMadkaiNorth GoaMarcain
Mapuca GoaMapuca GoaNorth GoaMapusa
Margao GoaMargao GoaSouth GoaMargao
Old GoaOld GoaNorth GoaGoa
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Bank Of Maharashtra Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Maturity Period Interest Rate (p.a.)Calculate
30 Days2.75%
45 Days3.00%
60 Days4.75%
90 Days4.75%
120 Days5.10%
6 Months5.10%
9 Months5.50%
12 Months6.50%
2 Years6.25%
3 Years6.25%
4 Years6.00%
5 Years6.00%
10 Years6.00%

Bank Of Maharashtra Recurring Interest Rates

Maturity PeriodInterest Rate (p.a.)
Year 16.35%
Year 26.00%
Year 36.00%
Year 45.75%
Year 55.75%