Latest Bharat Cooperative Bank Mumbai Ltd. Mumbai Locker Charges 2023

Features & Benefits of Bank Locker

  • There is a wide availability of lockers from small, medium, large, extra-large locker sizes at various locations.
  • Bank locker rates vary based on location of branch and locker sizes.
  • Bharat Cooperative Bank Mumbai Ltd. Mumbai provides hassle-free payment facility of locker rent. You can pay your locker rent charges directly from your debit account by giving a debit authorisation of your .
  • Bharat Cooperative Bank Mumbai Ltd. Mumbai provides nomination facility to individuals /joint hirers of Safe Deposit Lockers to facilitate the release of contents to the nominee(s) of the hirer(s) as and when required.
  • You can visit and access your locker on all working days during banking hours.

Eligibility for Bank Locker

Individuals, either singly or jointly or Two or more persons jointly or Two or more persons with operative instructions "Either or Survivor" or "Anyone or Survivor" or "Former or Survivor" clause, Firms, Limited Companies and Trusts may avail this facility. To avail of a Safe Deposit Locker, you need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria.

If you are eligible, you can gain access to a personal locker by simply submitting your Safe Deposit Locker opening form along with the necessary documents.

Non-Resident Indians, who are constituents of the Bank, may also be extended this facility. Lockers can be hired by Illiterates and Blind persons also. However, lockers cannot be hired in the name of minors.

Document Required for Locker

Locker can be hired by submitting the following documents

  1. KYC documents
  2. Pass Port size Photograph
  3. Current or Savings account
  4. Security Deposit
  5. Locker Agreement (stamp duty payable as per respective state/Union Territory laws)

Nomination for Locker

  1. Nomination facility is available for locakes holder in the name of individuals singly or in the names of two or more individuals to be operated under joint signatures of two or more hirer.
  2. Nomination facility is not available in respect of lockers hired in joint names, if the operations are to be allowed under single signature of any of the hirer(s).
  3. Only one person can be nominated, if locker is held in single name. Nominee, can have access to the locker on the death of the hirer.
  4. More than one person can be nominated if locker is held in joint name and operated under the joint signatures of two or more person. Nominee(s), can have access to the locker on the death of the hirer(s).
  5. Nomination facility is optional. It can be made, varied or cancelled at any time during the period of hire.

Locker Opening Form

You can obtain bank locker opening form by visiting your nearest bank branch with locker facility.

How to Operate the Bank Locker in India?

We can't keep all our valuables, gold or diamonds jewellery, important documents and cash at home, as it is not safe at all due to the possibilities of theft. As a good alternative, opening a bank locker is very useful. Different banks offer locker facility viz. bank locker SBI, bank locker ICICI, etc. Bank locker facility is of course not free of cost. If you think that as you have a bank account with a particular bank then that bank will provide bank locker free, then it is not so. Banks will levy bank locker fees or bank locker rents against providing you bank locker. Bank locker rates depends on bank locker sizes. There are variety of bank locker sizes being offered by the banks such as small, medium, large and extra large, and to avail this bank locker facility, you need to pay bank locker charges annually i.e. if you open a bank account with HDFC then bank locker charges HDFC are required to be paid every year.

Bank locker charges India are not very high which simpaly means that they are affordable. Before opening of of a bank locker, you should search for bank lockers near me and then you should go ahead.

Bank Lockers in India can be operated during the specified timing displayed at the bank branch where you maintain your locker. A bank employee (usually of an officer cadre) is designated by the bank branch to be in-charge of Safe Deposit Lockers. To open the locker, you need a pair of keys. One key is with the bank typically with in-charge of Safe Deposit Lockers and the other is with you (the customer). Both keys are required together to open the locker.

There are some of the operating bank locker terms and conditions under which the hirer is required to use te locker. Mentioned below the step-by-step process to operate the Bank Locker in India:

  1. To use or operate your locker, you need to visit the bank branch during the locker opening hours with locker key.
  2. Meet the in-charge of Safe Deposit Lockers and do the necessary paper work such as entering your locker number in the register, putting current date & time and signing the locker operation register.
  3. You need to wait for some time, if any other person is using the locker.
  4. You need to visit the deposit vault along with the in-charge of Safe Deposit Lockers.
  5. The in-charge of Safe Deposit Lockers will insert his key and you will insert your key and then your locker will open.
  6. Then in-charge of Safe Deposit Lockers will leave the deposit vault.
  7. You can now use your locker like take out stuff or put the stuff inside your locker in privacy.
  8. Once you have completed the locker operations, before locking the locker, you should look around to ensure no valuable has been left out.
  9. Then lock your locker and come out.

Who Can Operate Bank Locker?

Bank lockers in India can only be operated by the locker hirer or joint hirers. An individual alone or jointly with someone can operate it.

Non Operation of Locker

Bank locker operation regulations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) says to operate the bank at least once a year or else the bank can open it. If the locker has not been operated for a continuous period of 1 year by a high risk profile hirer or for a continuous period of 3 years by a medium risk profile hirer then the bank has the authority to insist the hirer to operate the locker immediately. It is also necessary for the bank to send you an advance notice suggesting you to either operate the bank locker or surrender it.

In case the hirer is not willing to operate the bank locker in due course of time, it is better for him/ her to surrender it.

Bharat Cooperative Bank Mumbai Ltd. Mumbai Locker Charges (Service Tax will be as applicable)

Locker rent is charged annually and vary based on location of branch and locker sizes. Request you to check applicable rentals via Internet/Mobile banking or by visiting the branch.

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