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All Bank Branch Code List

The first set of numbers in your bank account (4 digits) is your branch number. The second set (3 digits) in your account number id PDT and last set of numbers (7 digits) is your bank account number. Your branch number is a 4-digit number comprised of your 4-digit branch number, followed by a number indicating the geographical location of your branch.

  • Look on your checks for the bank, the branch code/number is usually found in middle of your check or you can find last fout digit from bank IFSC code or first four digit of your bank account number, though this option is not available at all banks.
  • You can usually find your bank's branch number on its website under frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Call your bank's customer service department.
  • You can also find below list of bank with branch code/number.

Upcoming Bank Holidays

2022 February 02 is a bank holiday in Sikkim due to Sonam Lochhar.
2022 February 05 is a bank holiday in Tripura due to Saraswati Puja.
2022 February 05 is a bank holiday in West Bengal due to Saraswati Puja / Sree Panchami.
2022 February 05 is a bank holiday in Odisha due to Vasant Panchami.
2022 February 12 is a bank holiday in Andaman And Nicobar Island due to 2nd Saturday Bank Holiday.
2022 February 15 is a bank holiday in Manipur due to Lui-Ngai-Ni.

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