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Are you searching for an IFSC code? Our easy-to-use IFSC code lookup tool simplifies the task. Just select bank name, state, district and branch, or location, and quickly find the exact IFSC code you require. It serves as your all-in-one solution for smooth transactions and precise banking information.

What is IFSC code?

IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) code contains 11 characters alphanumeric unique code and is assigned by RBI to the bank branch to identify each branch of every bank in India. The IFSC Code is printed on cheque book for NEFT enabled banks. You can use IFSC Code to identify particular bank branch of any bank in India. The IFSC code used for Real Time Gross Settlement aka RTGS, NEFT and IMPS finance transfer systems.

What is NEFT?

NEFT is an abbreviation for "National Electronic Funds Transfer". The NEFT is a nation wide payment system facilitating one-to-one funds transfer. It operates on a deferred net settlement (DNS) basis and settles transactions in batches. The settlement takes place with all the transactions received before a certain cut-off time. NEFT is not available on the bank holidays, RBI holiday and Sunday.

NEFT Fund Transfer Charges *Excluding Service Tax

Below charges will be applicable for transferring funds under NEFT

Upto Rs.10,000Rs.2.50
Upto Rs.1.00 lakhRs.5.00
Above Rs.1.00 lakh to 2.00 lakhRs.15.00
Above Rs.2.00 lakhRs.25.00

What is RTGS?

RTGS is an abbreviation for "Real Time Gross Settlement". RTGS can be defined as specialist funds transfer system to transfer the money from one bank to another on continuous (real-time) and gross settlement basis. It allows the individuals as well as the companies and the firms to transfer funds from one bank to another bank within the country.

RTGS Fund Transfer Charges *Excluding Service Tax

Time of settlement at the RBITransaction SlabCharges*
09.00 am12.00 pmRs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh Above Rs.5.00 lakhRs.25 Rs.51
After 12.00 pm3.30 pmRs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh Above Rs.5.00 lakhRs.26 Rs 52
After 3.30 pm4.30 pm (on week days)Rs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakhRs.31

What is IMPS?

IMPS is an abbreviation for "Immediate Payment Service". It is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service that helps you access your bank account and transfer funds immediately and securely. It can be done through various channels such as ATM, Mobile Phones, Internet Banking, etc. The transferred money is credited to the beneficiary account instantly. This is facility was introduced in 2010 by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

IMPS Fund Transfer Charges

Transaction AmountTransaction Charges
Amounts upto Rs 10,000Rs 5 + Applicable GST
Amounts above Rs 10,000 and upto Rs 1 lakhRs 5 + Applicable GST
Amounts above Rs 1 lakh and upto Rs 2 lakhsRs 15 + Applicable GST

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