Central Bank Of India Branches in Tripura State

Branch ContactBranch AddressCityDistrict
AgartalaAgartalaWest TripuraAgartala
BarkathalBarkathalWest TripuraAgartala
Hari Ganga Basak Road AgartalaHari Ganga Basak Road AgartalaWest TripuraAgartala
KailashaharKailashaharNorth TripuraKailasahar
LichubaganLichubaganWest TripuraKunjavan
UdaipurUdaipurSouth TripuraUdaipur

Central Bank Of India Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Maturity Period Interest Rate (p.a.)Calculate
30 Days3.75%
45 Days3.75%
60 Days4.25%
90 Days4.25%
120 Days4.50%
6 Months5.50%
9 Months5.50%
12 Months6.75%
2 Years6.75%
3 Years6.50%
4 Years6.50%
5 Years6.25%
10 Years6.25%

Central Bank Of India Recurring Interest Rates

Maturity PeriodInterest Rate (p.a.)
Year 16.75%
Year 26.50%
Year 36.25%
Year 46.25%
Year 56.25%