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The list shows districts of Jharkhand, where Bank Of India has branch / branches. You can choose an individual district link to view list of branches.

District wise list of Bank Of India branches in Jharkhand

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Bank Of India Branches in Jharkhand State

Bank Of India has branches in the following districts of Jharkhand state. List as follows: Adityapur, Ahilyapur Dist.giridih , Alkapuri Distt. Giridih , Amaghata Dist. Dhanbad , Atka Dist. Giridih , Badam Dist. Hazaribagh , Baddiha Dist.giridih , Bagodar Jd , Bagra Mod Dist. Chatra , Bagru Dist. Lohardaa , Balidih Dist Bokaro , Balsagra Dist. Hazaribagh , Bandgaon District West Singhbhum , Banjhedih Dist.koderma, Bano Dist. Simdega , Bantara Dist. Hazaribagh , Bara Amda Dist Seraikela Kharsawan , Barbil, Barhi Dist. Hazaribagh , Barkagaon Dist. Hazaribagh , Barkatha Dist. Hazaribagh , Barmasia Dist. Bokaro , Barwa Adda Dist. Dhanbad , Basodih Dist. Koderma , Batbinor Dist. Bokaro , Bayang Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , Bend Dist.east Singhbhum , Bengabad Distt Giridih , Bera Dist. Dhanbad , Bero, Bhaga Bandh Dhanbad , Bhaga Dhanbad , Bhagabandi Dist. East Singhbhum , Bhagidera Dist. Gumla , Bhandra Dist.lohardaga , Bharno Jd , Bhatdee Dist. Dhanbad , Bhendra Dist. Bokaro , Bhojudih Dist. Bokaro , Bhoya Dist West Singhbhum , Bhulan Bararee Dist. Dhanbad , Bhuli Dist Dhanbad , Bhurkunda Dist.hazaribagh , Birda Dist. Ranchi , Birkiti Dist. Pakur , Biru District Simdega , Bishnugarh Dist. Hazaribagh , Bishunpur Dist. Gumla , Bodam, Bokaro, Bokaro Steel City, Bolba Dist. Simdega , Bundu, Burmu Dist. Ranchi , Buti Dist. Lohardaga , Chaibasa, Chaibasa Jd , Chainpur Bargaon , Chainpur Dist. Gumla , Chakradharpur, Chakulia Purbi Singhbhum , Chaliama Dist.seraikela Kharsawan , Chandrapura Jharkhand , Chandwara, Charhi Dist.hazaribagh , Chas Jharkhand , Chatra, Chatra Dist Chatra , Chatro Dist.giridih , Chauparan Dist.hazaribagh , Cheera Chas Dist Bokaro , Chirkunda Dhanbad , Chittaranjan, Chota Muri, Chotki Kharagdiha Dist.giridih , Chowka Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , Dadpur Dist.hazaribagh , Dalaikela Dist.west Singhbhum , Dalbhanga Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , Daltonganj, Dantar Dist. Chatra , Daru Distt Hazaribag Jd, Deoghar, Deoghar Dist. Deoghar Jharkhand, Deori, Dhalbhumgarh Dist.east Singhbhum , Dhanbad, Dhatkidih Dist. East Singhbhum , Diankel Dist.ranchi , Domchanch Dist. Koderma , Doranda Dist.giridih , Dugda Coal Washery Dist. Bokaro, Dumaria Dist. East Singhbhum , Dumka, Dumri Dist. Gumla , Dwarpahari Dist. Giridih , East Singhbhum, Ena Dist. Dhanbad , Gajpur Dist. West Singhbhum , Galudih, Galudih Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , Gandey Dist Giridih , Garhwa, Garhwa Jharkhand, Gari Kalan Dist. Hazaribagh , Gawan Dist. Giridih , Getalsud Dist. Ranchi , Ghaghra Dist. Gumla , Ghato Tand Jharkhand , Ghatsila, Ghoraling Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , Ghorthamba, Ghuiyapal Dist. East Singhbhum , Gidi Dist. Hazaribagh , Giridih, Gobindpur Dist. West Singhbhum , Godda, Godda Jarkhand, Gohal Dangra Dist.east Singhbhum , Gomia Bihar , Gomoh Dist. Dhanbad , Gosaindih Dist. Chatra , Govindapur Dhanbad , Govindpur Dist. Ranchi , Gua District West Singhbhum , Gumla, Gumla Dist, Haludpukur, Hata Dist. East Singhbhum , Hazaribag, Hazaribagh, Hirodih Distt Koderma Jd, Hunterganj Dist. Chatra , Ichak More Jd , Inderwa Dist. Koderma , Isri Bazar Dist.giridih , Itkhori, Jagannathpur, Jainagar Jharkhand , Jainamore Jharkhand , Jaldega Dist.simdega , Jamshedpur, Jamtara, Jamua Distt Giridih Jd, Jari Jd , Jaridih Bazar Dist. Bokaro , Jawalkata Dist. East Singhbhum , Jeenagora Dist. Dhanbad , Jharia, Jhumritelaiya, Jori Dist Chatra , Jugsalai, Kairo, Kalikapur District East Singhbhum , Kalyandih Jd , Kamdara Jharkhand , Kandra Dist. Dhanbad , Karaikella Dist.west Singhbhum , Kariatpur Dist.hazaribagh , Kariodih Dist. Pakur , Karma Distt Ramgarh Jd, Karra Dist. Ranchi , Kasmar Dist. Bokaro , Katin Dist. East Singhbhum , Katrasgarh Dist.dhanbad , Kedla Jd , Kendua Dist.giridhi , Kerukocha, Kessurgarh Dist.dhanbad , Khaira Chatar Dist. Bokaro , Kharagdiha Dist Hazaribagh, Kharsawan Jharkhand , Khelari, Khunti, Kisko Dist. Lohardaga , Koderma, Kolabera Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , Kolibera Distt Simdega Jd, Kopali Jharkhand, Korra Jd , Kotam Dist.gumla , Kuchai Dist Seraikela Kharsawan , Kuju, Kuju Dist Ramgarh Cantt , Kurdeg Dist. Simdega , Kuru Distt Lohardaga Jd , Kusunda Dhanbad , Lachragarh Dist. Simdega , Laikdih Dist. Dhanbad , Lalpania Jharkhand , Latehar, Latehar Jharkhand, Lodai Jharkhand , Lodna Dist. Dhanbad , Lohar, Lohardaga, Lohardagga, Mahesh Munda Dist. Giridih , Maithan Dhanbad , Majhgaon District West Singhbhum , Makdiha Dist. Giridih , Mamarkudar Dist. Bokaro , Manaitand Dist. Dhanbad , Mandu Dist. Hazaribagh , Mangura Dist. Hazaribagh , Manjhatoli Dist. Gumla , Manoharpur Dist Singhbhum Jharkhand , Marar Distt Ramgarh Jd, Markachho Dist.koderma , Masmohna Dist. Koderma , Mechua Dist. East Singhbhum , Mirzaganj Dist.giridih , Moganpur Dist. Hazaribagh , Mohanpur Dist. East Singhbhum , Moko Dist.dhanbad , Mosabani Dist. East Singhbhum , Motia Dumaria Via Godda Dist : Godda, Moudasholi Dist. East Singhbhum , Mugma Dist. Dhanbad , Muram Kalan Dist: Ramgarh , Muturkham Dist. East Singhbhum , Nagri, Nawada Dist. Hazaribagh , Nawadih Dist.bokaro , Nawalsahi District Koderma , Nimdih, Nimiaghat Dist. Giridih , Nirsa Dist Dhanbad , Ormanjhi, Otar Dist. West Singhbhum , Padma Dist. Hazaribagh , Pakur, Pakur Dist. Pakur Jharkhand , Palkot Dist. Gumla , Panchhat, Parasnath Bihar , Parsan Dist.giridih , Paschimi Singhbhum, Patamda Dist. East Singhbhum , Pathaldiha Dist.koderma , Patratu Dist.hazaribagh , Pesham Dist.giridih , Peshrar Jharkhand , Phulchi Dist. Giridih , Phulwaria Dist. Koderma , Phusro Bazar Dist. Bokaro , Pichari Distt Bokaro , Pindrajora Dist. Bokaro , Pipcho Dist. Koderma , Pirtand Dist.giridih , Pithoria Dist. Ranchi , Potka, Pratappur Dist. Chatra , Purbi Singhbhum, Putki Dist. Dhanbad , Radhanagar Raj Dist. Sahibganj , Raghunathpur, Raidih Dist. Gumla , Raidihmore Dist. Ranchi , Rajdhanwar Dist.giridih , Rajganj Dist. Dhanbad , Rajnagar, Rajrappa Project Dist. Hazaribagh , Ramgarh, Ramgarh Cantt, Ramgarh Jd , Ramnagar, Ranchi, Ratu, Religara Dist. Hazaribagh , Remba Dist.giridih , Sagramdih Dist. Dhanbad , Sahebganj, Sahibganj, Saketpuri Jharkhand , Saraikela Kharsawan, Saram, Saram Bazar Dist. Bokaro , Sarangashol Dist. East Singhbhum , Sarubera Jd , Satgawan Dist.koderma , Sayal Dist Ramgarh Cannt , Senha Dist. Lohardaga , Seraikela Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , Shaharjam Dist. Chatra , Shahpur Jharkhand , Sikidiri Dist. Ranchi , Silli Dist. Ranchi , Simaria Dist. Chatra , Simdega, Singhbhum, Singhbhum East, Sini, Situ Ichagarh, Siwandih Jd , Sonarpara Dist Pakur , Sonua District West Singhbhum , Sultana Dist.hazaribagh , Sundernagar, Suriya Dist. Giridih , Swang Colliery Dist. Bokaro , Taljhari Dist. Sahibganj , Tandwa Dist. Chatra , Tangar Dist. Ranchi , Tatisilvawai, Tebo Dist. West Singhbhum , Telidih Dist Bokaro , Telmocho Dist. Dhanbad , Telo, Tentulia Bokaro, Tenughat Distt Bokaro , Tetulmari Dist. Dhanbad , Thakurgaon Dist. Ranchi , Tiruldih Dist Seraikela Kharsawan , Tisra Dist. Dhanbad , Tisri Dist.giridih , Topa Jd , Topchanchi Dist. Dhanbad , Tupkadih Bokaro Jd , Tupudana, Tutilawa Dist. Chatra , Ukumadkam Dist. West Singhbhum , Uperdugni Dist. Seraikela Kharsawan , .

NEFT Fund Transfer Charges *Excluding Service Tax

Below charges will be applicable for transferring funds under NEFT

Upto Rs.10,000Rs.2.50
Upto Rs.1.00 lakhRs.5.00
Above Rs.1.00 lakh to 2.00 lakhRs.15.00
Above Rs.2.00 lakhRs.25.00

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

IMPS stands for "Immediate Payment Service". It is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service to transfer funds from one account to another immediately and securely. It can be done through various channels such as ATM, Mobile Phones, Internet Banking, etc. This facility has been introduced in 2010 by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

This service is available 24x7, throughout the year which means using this facility a person can transfer or receive money all the time even on Sundays and bank holidays.

IMPS Fund Transfer Charges

Transaction AmountTransaction Charges
Amounts upto Rs 10,000Rs 5 + Applicable GST
Amounts above Rs 10,000 and upto Rs 1 lakhRs 5 + Applicable GST
Amounts above Rs 1 lakh and upto Rs 2 lakhsRs 15 + Applicable GST

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement is a super-fast money transferring method. RTGS is an abbreviation for "Real Time Gross Settlement". RTGS can be defined as specialist funds transfer system to transfer the money from one bank to another on continuous (real-time) and gross settlement basis. It allows the individuals as well as the companies and the firms to transfer funds from one bank to another bank within the country.

RTGS Fund Transfer Charges *Excluding Service Tax

Time of settlement at the RBITransaction SlabCharges*
09.00 am12.00 pmRs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh Above Rs.5.00 lakhRs.25 Rs.51
After 12.00 pm3.30 pmRs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh Above Rs.5.00 lakhRs.26 Rs 52
After 3.30 pm4.30 pm (on week days)Rs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakhRs.31