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The list shows districts of Madhya Pradesh, where Bank Of India has branch / branches. You can choose an individual district link to view list of branches.

District wise list of Bank Of India branches in Madhya Pradesh

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Bank Of India Branches in Madhya Pradesh State

Bank Of India has branches in the following districts of Madhya Pradesh state. List as follows: Agar Malwa, Agar Malwa Dist. Shajapur , Agra Depalpur Dist.indore , Ahmedpur Dist. Sehore , Ahmedpur Khaigaon Dist. Khandwa , Alirajpur, Alirajpur Mp , Amla Town, Amona Dist. Dewas , Amzera Dist. Dhar , Anakwadi Dist. Khargone , Anjad Dist. Barwani , Anuppur, Anuppur Mp , Ashapur Dist. Khandwa , Ashoknagar Mp , Ashta Dist. Sehore , Ataheda, Atudkhas Dist. Khandwa , Babai Distt Hoshangabad Mp , Badgonda Dist.indore , Badnawar Dist. Dhar , Badwani, Bagdi Dist. Dhar , Bagdona, Bagh Dist. Dhar , Bagli Distt Dewas Mp , Bagod Dist. Khargone , Bahadarpur Dist. Burhanpur , Baijagwada Dist. Dewas , Balaghat, Balaghat Mp, Balakwada Dist. Khargone , Baledi Ujjain , Balsamud Dist. Khargone , Balwada Dist. Khargone , Bamnala Dist. Khargone , Bangarda Dist. Khargone , Bapcha Barode Dist. Shajapur , Barda Dist .dhar , Bareli Distt Raisen Mp , Barnagar Dist. Ujjain , Barode Malwa Dist.shajapur , Barud Dist. Khandwa , Barud Tanda Dist.khargone , Barwaha Dist. Khargone , Barwani, Bediya Distt Khargone Mp , Berasia Mp , Berja Dist. Gwalior , Berkhedi Dist. Sagar , Betma Dist.indore , Betul, Betul Mp , Bhanpura, Bhat Pachlana Dist. Ujjain , Bhikangaon Mp , Bhind, Bhojpuria Pachore Dist. Rajgarh , Bhopal, Biaora Mp , Bina, Binaganj Dist. Guna , Boda Dist. Rajgarh , Borgaon Buzurg Dist. Khandwa , Budni Mp , Burhanpur, Chanderi Distt Ashok Nagar Mp , Chhaigaon Makhan, Chhanera Dist. Khandwa , Chhapiheda Dist. Rajgarh , Chhatarpur Mp , Chhindwara, Chhipiya Dist. Shajapur , Dabia Kheda Dist. Burhanpur , Dabra, Dahi Dist Dhar , Daloda Dist. Mandsaur , Damoh, Damua, Dapora Dist. Burhanpur , Datia, Datia M.p. , Datoda Dist Indore Mp, Dedtalai Dist. Burhanpur , Depalpur, Devas Ujjain Zo , Dewas, Dhabla Hardu Dist. Ujjain , Dhablikalan Dist.rajgarh , Dhamnod Dist. Dhar , Dhangaon Dist. Khandwa , Dhar, Dhargaon Dist. Khargone , Dindori, Dodi Dist. Sehore , Dodwa Dist.khargone , Doiphodia Dist. Burhanpur , East Nimar, Gadarwara, Ganera, Ganjbasoda, Garoth, Gautampura Dist. Indore , Ghatabillod Dist.dhar , Ghatia Dist. Ujjain , Ghodadongri, Gopalpur Dist. Sehore , Gorakhpur, Guna, Gwalior, Harda, Harda Mp , Hatod Dist. Indore , Hatpiplaya Dist. Dewas , Hoshangabad, Ichhawar, Indore, Itarsi Mp , Jabalpur, Jamner Dist. Shajapur , Jawar Dist. Khandwa , Jetpur Kala Dist. Rajgarh , Jhabua, Jharda Dist. Ujjain , Jhonkar Dist. Shajapur , Jobat, Kachri Dist. Rajgarh , Kalapipal Dist Shajapur , Kalisindh Dist. Shajapur , Kamlapur Dist.dewas , Kanad Dist. Shajapur , Kannod Dist. Dewas , Kanwan Dist. Dhar , Karanwas, Karedi Dist. Rajgarh , Kareli Mp, Karhi District Khargone , Karnawad Dist. Dewas , Kataphod Dist. Dewas , Katni, Kayatha Dist. Ujjain , Kesur Dist. Dhar , Khachraud, Khaknar Dist. Burhanpur , Khandwa, Khar Kalan Dist. Khandwa , Khargone, Khategaon, Kheda Khajuria Dist. Ujjain , Khedi Dist. Khandwa , Khetia Distt Barwani Mp , Khilchipur, Khujner Dist. Rajgarh , Khurda Mp , Khuri Tahsil And Dist.rajgarh, Kolaras Distt Shivpuri Mp , Kotra Bhopal , Kshipra, Kukshi Dist. Dhar , Kumaria Rao Dist. Dewas , Kumbharaj Dist.guna , Kurawar Dist. Rajgarh , Leema Chouhan M.p. , Machalpur Dist. Rajgarh , Maheshwar M.p. , Mahidpur, Mahidpur Road Dist. Ujjain , Maina Dist Sehore , Malanpur, Manawar Dist. Dhar , Mandideep, Mandla, Mandla Madhya Pradesh , Mandleshwar, Mandsaur, Manpur Teh Mhow Mp, Mehatgaon Dist. Barwani , Mhow, Moman Barodia Dist. Shajapur , Morena, Morodhat M.p. , Moulana Dist. Ujjain , Multai M.p. , Multhan Dist. Dhar , Mundi Dist. Khandwa , Muraina, Nagda, Nagda Dhar , Nagziri Dist.khargone , Nainavad Dist. Ujjain , Nalkheda Dist Shajapur , Nandani Dist.shajapur , Narsimhapur, Narsinghgarh, Narsinghpur, Narsinghpur Mp, Narwar Ujjain , Nasrullaganj Dist.sehore , Nayagaon, Nazirabad Dist.bhopal , Neemuch, Nemawar Dist. Dewas , Nepanagar Dist. Burhanpur , Nevri Dist. Dewas , Nisarpur Dist. Dhar , Obedullaganj Distt Raisen Mp , Omkareshwar M.p. , Oon Dist. Khargone , Ozar Dist. Barwani , Pachama Dist. Sehore , Padariya Dist. Jabalpur , Palia Dist. Indore , Panagar Dist. Jabalpur , Panbihar Dist. Ujjain , Panigaon Dist. Dewas , Panna Mp, Pansemal Distt Barwani Mp , Panth Piplai Dist. Ujjain , Pati Nimar Dist. Barwani , Petlawad M.p. , Phophnar Dist. Burhanpur , Pipariya Mp , Piplia Dist. Khargone , Pipliya Mandi Mp , Punasa, Rahatgarh Dist. Sagar , Raisen, Raisen Mp , Rajgarh, Rajgarh Dhar , Rajod, Rajpur Dist. Barwani , Rao, Ratibad Distt Bhopal Mp , Ratlam, Rewa, Ringnod Dist.dhar , Rustampur Dist. Khandwa , Sagar, Sagore Dist. Dhar , Sailana Dist Ratlam , Sanawad, Sanchi, Sanwer Distt Indore Mp, Sarangpur Dist.rajgarh , Satna, Satrana, Sehore, Sendhwa, Seoni, Shahaganj Dist.sehore , Shahdol, Shahdol M.p. , Shahpur, Shajapur, Shamgarh, Shampur Dist. Sihore , Sheopur M P , Shivpuri, Shivpuri Mp , Shobhapur, Shujalpur, Shyopur, Simrol Dist. Indore , Singaudi Dist. Katni , Singhana Distt Dhar Mp, Singot Dist. Khandwa , Singrauli, Sirali Mp , Sita Mau M.p , Sohagpur Mp , Sonda Dist. Sehore , Sonkutch, Soyat Kalan Dist. Shajapur , Sundarsi Dist. Shajapur , Susner Distt Shajapur Mp , Suwasara M.p. , Talen Dist. Rajgarh , Talwada Buzurg Dist. Barwani , Tanodia Dist. Shajapur , Tara Sewaniya, Tarana Dist. Ujjain , Thikri Dist. Barwani , Tikamgarh Mp , Tillor Dist. Indore , Timarni Distt Harda Mp , Tonk Kalan Dist.dewas , Tukaithad Dist. Burhanpur , Ujjain, Umaria, Umaria Mp , Unhel Dist. Ujjain , Vidisha, Vijayganj Mandi Dist.dewas , West Nimar, Zirapur, Zirniya Dist. Khargone , .

NEFT Fund Transfer Charges *Excluding Service Tax

Below charges will be applicable for transferring funds under NEFT

Upto Rs.10,000Rs.2.50
Upto Rs.1.00 lakhRs.5.00
Above Rs.1.00 lakh to 2.00 lakhRs.15.00
Above Rs.2.00 lakhRs.25.00

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

IMPS stands for "Immediate Payment Service". It is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service to transfer funds from one account to another immediately and securely. It can be done through various channels such as ATM, Mobile Phones, Internet Banking, etc. This facility has been introduced in 2010 by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

This service is available 24x7, throughout the year which means using this facility a person can transfer or receive money all the time even on Sundays and bank holidays.

IMPS Fund Transfer Charges

Transaction AmountTransaction Charges
Amounts upto Rs 10,000Rs 5 + Applicable GST
Amounts above Rs 10,000 and upto Rs 1 lakhRs 5 + Applicable GST
Amounts above Rs 1 lakh and upto Rs 2 lakhsRs 15 + Applicable GST

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement is a super-fast money transferring method. RTGS is an abbreviation for "Real Time Gross Settlement". RTGS can be defined as specialist funds transfer system to transfer the money from one bank to another on continuous (real-time) and gross settlement basis. It allows the individuals as well as the companies and the firms to transfer funds from one bank to another bank within the country.

RTGS Fund Transfer Charges *Excluding Service Tax

Time of settlement at the RBITransaction SlabCharges*
09.00 am12.00 pmRs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh Above Rs.5.00 lakhRs.25 Rs.51
After 12.00 pm3.30 pmRs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakh Above Rs.5.00 lakhRs.26 Rs 52
After 3.30 pm4.30 pm (on week days)Rs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakhRs.31