Yes Bank Branches in Goa State

Branch ContactBranch AddressCityDistrict
Calangute GoaCalangute GoaCalanguteNorth Goa
Curchorem GoaCurchorem GoaCurchoremSouth Goa
Mapusa GoaMapusa GoaMapusaNorth Goa
Mapusa PedemMapusa PedemGoaGoa
Margaon GoaMargaon GoaMargaonSouth Goa
Panjim GoaPanjim GoaPanajiNorth Goa
Ponda GoaPonda GoaPondaNorth Goa
The Goa Scb AssonoraThe Goa Scb AssonoraBicholimNorth Goa
The Goa Scb SiolimThe Goa Scb SiolimSiolimNorth Goa
The Goa State Coop Bank AandrdThe Goa State Coop Bank AandrdPanajiNorth Goa
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Yes Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Maturity Period Interest Rate (p.a.)Calculate
30 Days3.70%
45 Days3.70%
60 Days4.10%
90 Days4.10%
120 Days4.75%
6 Months5.00%
9 Months6.10%
12 Months7.25%
2 Years7.25%
3 Years7.25%
4 Years7.25%
5 Years7.25%
10 Years7.00%

Yes Bank Recurring Interest Rates

Maturity PeriodInterest Rate (p.a.)
Year 17.50%
Year 27.75%
Year 37.00%
Year 47.00%
Year 57.00%