Catholic Syrian Bank Limited Recurring Deposit Calculator

In Catholic Syrian Bank Limited RD account, a pre-specified amount is deposited at periodic intervals on a regular basis and its term is available from minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 10 years with monthly instalments of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108 and 120 months.

Following RD calculator facilitates for you to easily calculate the amount of interest earned as well as the maturity amount. Please note that the output of this calculator will give you a tentative idea of the maturity values and only your bank can tell you the exact amount that you will earn.

Catholic Syrian Bank Limited Recurring Deposit Interest Calculator

Recurring Deposit Interest Calculator

Deposit Amount (₹)
Maturity Amount (₹)
Interest Earned (₹)

Catholic Syrian Bank Limited RD Interest Rate Calculator helps computing interest earned on an RD on the basis of following components:

(1) Monthly Amount

You need to enter an amount which you will invest monthly. It is also called monthly instalment. Suppose you want to invest Rs 2000 each month then you will enter Rs 2000 in the given space.

(2) Duration

It is the RD duration/ tenure/ term for which you have registered your RD. It is to be specified in months. It ranges from 6 months to 120 months.

(3) Interest Rate

It is the rate of interest which will be provided by the bank on the RD. It depends on duration of your RD. It varies from bank to bank.

Output of RD Interest Rate Calculator

After you enter all the components mentioned above (Monthly Amount, Duration and Interest Rate) in the space provided and press calculate button, the output will show following results:

Deposit Amount

It will show total amount deposited by you in RD during its full tenure.

Maturity Amount

It will show the maturity value of your RD after its full tenure. It depends upon deposited amount, tenure of RD and rate of interest thereon.

Interest Earned

It shows total interest earned on your RD. It is the difference between Maturity Value and Deposit Amount.

FAQ related to Catholic Syrian Bank Limited RD Interest Rate Calculator

(1) Can I deposit different monthly installments in RD account?

Answer: No, you cannot deposit different monthly installments in a regular RD account. However, some banks offer Flexi RD which allows customers can deposit any amount at any point in the tenure with no requirement to make deposits every month.

(2) Will TDS be made on RD interest?

Answer: If the interest earned on RD is upto Rs 10,000, no TDS will be made. If it exceed the limit of Rs 10,000 then a TDS at 10% will be made. If your income is non-taxable, then you can submit Form 15G (for non-senior citizen)/ Form 15H (for senior citizen) in order to avoid deduction of TDS.

(3) What is the duration of RD account?

Answer: Usually banks offer RDs of the duration from 6 months to 120 months (10 years). Some of the banks offer RD of 240 months also.

(4) Is there any maximum limit on RD amount that I want to deposit every month?

Answer: No, there is no upper cap on RD amount that you want to deposit every month. You can choose any amount according to your financial goals and objective as well as availability of funds.

(5) How the maturity value of Rd is calculated in the calculator?

Answer: The maturity value is calculated taking into account the deposit amount (monthly instalment), tenure and interest rate on RD. It uses compounding of interest formula. Frequency of compounding that the banks offer is quarterly.

(6) How much tax do I need to pay on interest earned on RD?

Answer: Tax to be paid by you solely depends upon the tax slab under which you come. It varies from person to person. Persons whose total income (inclusive of RD interest income) is non-taxable need not pay any income tax on RD interest.