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Home buying is one of the very big decisions in one's life and it involves a large sum of money. In today's world when everything has become costly, a home loan has become very essential for almost everyone to buy a home. If you have your own home, there is no tension of paying monthly rent and in some way you feel secured that nobody can ask you vacate the house where you are living. Now you may think as to when should you take a decision to buy a house or which is the correct age to own a home.

Owning a house is one of the biggest expenses of our lives. Banks and NBFCs offer home loans at very attractive interest rates. You can have your dream house with the help of a home loan. This is where home loan comes into assistance.

Today many Banks and NBFCs offer home loans at very attractive interest rates to meet your home loan amount requirement.

The easiest ways to calculate eligibility is via the home loan eligibility calculator as below.

What Affects Home Loan Eligibility?

  • Your Income - The most important but not least factor is your income. The first factor that banks check is whether you have the means to repay it. This depends on your income and other means of revenue. Higher your income, greater the amount of money banks are willing to lend you.
  • Your Age - Age is an important factor in home loan eligibility to avail home loan from banks or financial institutions. The younger you are, the easier it is to get a loan for a longer tenure.
  • Academic Qualification - Your academic qualification is also one of the factors which affect your home loan eligibility. Good qualification and profession records increase approval of your home loan application.
  • Your Employment Status - The type of your employment will have an impact on your home loan eligibility. Being employed with an large MNC or a reputed private or public-sector company consider more reliable as a borrower.
  • Number of Loans Already Availed - If you have availed loan, chances of approval of your loan application is less.
  • Credit Score - If you are apply for a home loan, the lenders will check for your credit score for sure before approving loan to you. Your credit score matters a lot in taking any kind of credit from any bank or financial institution.
  • Dependents - Greater the number of dependents, lower the chances of your home loan being sanctioned.

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