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Income Tax Calculator

There are many amounts which are allowed to be deducted from Gross Salary under different sections. After claiming such deductions, the amount of Taxable Salary is arrived at.

Following Income Tax Calculator is very user friendly that helps you to calculate the tax liability after deductions of such amount under different sections. Under some sections, there is some maximum limit on such deductions like transport allowance, HRA exemption etc. and under some sections there is no maximum cap on claimed amount like interest paid on education loan etc.

For using this income Tax Calculator, you need to enter the annual amounts like Gross Salary, Different deductible amounts like transport allowance, HRA exemption, amount invested under section 80C, Home loan interest etc. Then this calculator will calculate the amount of tax liability. This result includes Cess, service tax, etc

Please remember to enter Annual Amounts only.

Calculate Income Tax

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