Post Office Services, Post Office Services in India

Apart from mail related services, Indore Post Office offers variety of other services to its customers which include sending money order, sale of postage stamps, forex service, postal life insurance, Mutual Funds and many other financial services and products designed for different people to fulfil their varied needs.

Mail Service

People can send letter, inland letter, post card, parcel, registered letter, etc. through post office. The sender need to send the letter in an envelope mentioning the address of the addressee with PIN code and drop it in the letter box. Post Office collects, accepts, orders, processes and delivers these different articles to the address mentioned by the sender. It is necessary to mention the correct address of the addressee by the sender so that it can be delivered to the right person with ease.

Money Order:

A money order is an order issued by the Post Office for the payment of a sum of money to the person whose name the money order is sent. Primary advantage of sending money to someone through money order is that the money is delivered at the house or his place of stay. For sending money order, the remitter has to buy a money order form at the counter of the post office.

MO Videsh:

MO Videsh is a service offered by post offices for sending money to foreign country using post.

Using MO Videsh facility, the money will be credited in to the bank account of beneficiaries in foreign country. Maximum limit of outward remittance is 5000 USD. Maximum 12 outwards remittances are allowed per year.

Post Box:

Post Box is a physical lockable box into which people drop outgoing mails intended for collection by the agents of post offices. It is also known as a collection box, mailbox or drop box. Post boxes are emptied at times mentioned on a plate fixed to the box. This might be once or twice a day. Extra clearances are made during festive times. Total number of post boxes in India is 5,79,595.

Sale of Postage Stamps:

Postage Stamp is a small adhesive piece of paper of specified value issued by a Post Office which is required to be affixed to a letter or parcel to indicate the amount of postage paid. Postage stamps are proof of payment for delivery. Post offices sell postage stamps of different values. There is a fee for the postal service to carry your letter from one location to another. In order to pay ths fee, one needs to purchase postage stamps of its value and affix on the envelope. One needs to have the proper value of stamps to cover the cost of the item being sent.

Registered Post:

It is a value service offered by the post office. It is high secure mail service which will be delivered only to the person whose name is written on the letter. The recipient has to provide an identity proof for taking the postal article and needs to sign the acknowledgement. Post offices also provide a facility of registered post tracking through which one can easily access the online tracking system powered by Indiapost and can track the current status of the registered post. It normally takes 2 to 5 days to deliver such posts. Special record keeping is done in case of registered post with due care of the postal dak.

Speed Post:

India post offers a special service called Speed Post which offers secured and time bound delivery of letters, gifts and parcel. This service was started by the India Post in 1986. It is comparatively faster and secure delivery service provided by the post offices. It normally takes 2 to 3 days to deliver such posts within India. Its charges are cheaper as compared to registered post. The name and signature of the person receiving the article is recorded on the delivery slip.

Little Known Services offered by Post Offices


It is an electronic postal service offered by the post offices under which Post office authorities scan any document or page and send it through e-mail. A person can go to any post office and hand over them the paper/ document to be sent to the recipient. The postal staff will scan it and mail it to the post office which is nearer to the receiver. They get its print out and deliver it to the person at the given address. The charges of e-post of A4 size paper are Rs.10

Greeting Post:

Post office provides greeting cards for different occasions. One can convey his wishes through this greeting card. The charge for small size cards is Rs.14 and for big size cards is Rs.17. One has also need to pay a postal charge of Rs.5 for delivery of this card.

Bill Mail Service:

Post office offers this service to the companies which send bills or financial statements every month or every 90 days and so on. Companies need to send at least 5,000 bills through this facility

Retail Post:

It is a service offered by the post office for distributing various products and documents of any company to the given address. Collection of different types of bills and taxes is done using this service.