NPS Fees & Charges

NPS offers a low cost option to Indian citizens for getting secured pension after their retirement. NPS is one of the world's lowest cost retirement savings product offered by the government.


Following are the details about NPS Fees & Charges:

IntermediaryService chargesMethod of Deduction
  1. PRA Opening charges: Rs. 40/-
  2. Annual PRA maintenance cost per account: Rs. 95/-
  3. Charge per transaction: Rs. 3.75/-
Through cancellation of units at the end of each quarter.
POP(Maximum Permissible Charge for each subscriber)
  1. Initial subscriber registration: Rs.200/-
  2. Initial contribution upload: 0.25% of the initial contribution amount from subscriber subject to a minimum of Rs.20 and a maximum of Rs. 25,000/-
  3. Any other transaction not involving a contribution from subscriber: Rs.20/-
  4. Contribution through eNPS: 0.10% of contribution (Min. Rs 10 & Max. Rs 10,000)
To be collected upfront
Trustee BankNot Applicable: NilN.A.
Custodian (On asset value in custody)Asset Servicing charges: 0.0032% p.a for Electronic segment & Physical segmentThrough NAV deduction
PF chargesInvestment Management Fee: within the prescribed upper ceiling of0.01% p.a.Through NAV deduction
NPS TrustReimbursement of Expenses: NilN.A.