Documents Required for Opening PPF Account

Following documents are required for opening of PPF Account:

  1. PPF Account Opening Form (Form A)
  2. Two Recent Passport Size Coloured Photographs
  3. Proof of Identity (anyone): PAN card, Driving Licence, Voter ID card or Passport
  4. Proof of Address (anyone): Latest Telephone Bill, Latest Electricity Bill or Ration Card
  5. Pay-in Slip indicating deposit of initial amount to open PPF Account or transaction number of online transfer of initial amount through net-banking
  6. Copy of PAN card/ form 60 or 61
  7. Nomination Form
  8. Proof of Age in case of Minor

How to open a PPF Account?

PPF accounts can be opened by a resident Indian Individual in:

  • Post Offices
  • Public/ Nationalised Banks
  • Major Private Banks

You can refer to the list of banks offering PPF Account Opening facility by clicking here.

You can open a PPF account either by visiting post office/bank branch or online through net banking facility.

Opening PPF Account by Visiting Bank/ Post Office Branch

If you visit a post office/ bank branch for opening of your PPF account then you need to first get an application form for PPF account opening from that branch. Then fill up that form and also attch above listed documents required to open the PPF account. Then deposit the initial amount. Submit the account opening form, documents and initial deposit amount for PPF account opening.

Once the account is opened, a passbook is issued and handed over to you. The passbook will contain all the details such as the name of account holder, PPF account number, branch name, etc. All the transactions like subscription, interest, withdrawals, etc. will be mentioned in this passbook.

Opening PPF Account Online

You need to follow below mentioned step by step process:

  1. Login to your internet banking with your login and password
  2. Click on Add third party payee
  3. Add your PPF Account with bank as a beneficiary into your online banking module
  4. Select the bank and its branch in which your PPF account is maintained
  5. Enter payee name, payee city, PPF account number and IFSC Code
  6. Click on "Submit" button
  7. You must make sure that the payee name and the PPF account number should be exactly same as mentioned in your PPF account
  8. You will get "payee confirmation" message and OTP will be sent to your mobile
  9. Confirm your payee by entering the OTP
  10. After this, your PPF Account will be added as a third party account
  11. Now you can transfer funds from your bank account to your PPF account through online fund transfer