Rules and Regulations of PPF Scheme 1968

PPF is governed by the rules and regulations laid down by the Public Provident Fund Scheme, 1968. These pertain to:

  1. Eligibility for Opening PPF Account
  2. Documents Required for Opening PPF Account
  3. Opening of PPF Account
  4. Limit of Subscription
  5. Manner of Making the Subscription
  6. Maintenance of PPF Account
  7. Transfer of PPF Account
  8. Repayment of loan and interest
  9. Nomination and repayment after death of subscriber
  10. Tax-deduction under Section 80C of Income Tax Act
  11. Operation of PPF Account having:
    • (a) Loan Facility offered by PPF Account
    • (b) Withdrawal from PPF Account: Partial or Full
    • (c) Closure of PPF Account
    • (d)Extension or Renewal of PPF Account