PPF Defaults and Revival

In case, the PPF Account Holder makes default i.e. if at least a contribution of minimum amount i.e. Rs 500 in any financial year is not made, then the PPF account will be deactivated.

Even if the PPF account is discontinued, the PPF account holder can get the investment back only upon the completion of the maturity period i.e. only after 15 years.

Even if the PPF account is deactivated, the interest on the PPF balance will resume every year.

A discontinued PPF account does not offer the option of availing loan against the PPF account.

Partial withdrawals are also not allowed from a deactivated/ discontinued PPF account.

How to Revive Deactivated PPF Account?

For reactivation of a dormant/ deactivated PPF account, you need to visit the branch of a post office or bank where you maintain your PPF account. You need to submit a request for revival of your PPF account which got deactivated/ discontinued.

PPF account can be revived after paying some penalty. In order to activate deactivated PPF Account, the account holder needs to pay Rs.50 as penalty for each inactive year. He/ she is also required to deposit Rs.500 for each such year in which the PPF account had been inactive.