PPF Interest Rate (as on May 2024)

PPF is a scheme available for making long term regular investment which not only gives you a guaranteed returns but also provides you income tax rebate under section 80C of income tax. It is a completely government backed scheme. The interest rate offered by the scheme is declared by the Govt. on annual basis.

Under table given below, you will find PPF interest rate history

Latest PPF Interest Rate as on May 2024

From YearTo YearInterest Rate
January 2024March 20247.10%
April 2020December 20237.10%
July 2019March 20207.90%
April 2019June 20198.00%
January 2019March 20198.00%
October 2018December 20188.00%
July 2018September 20187.60%
April 2018June 20187.60%
January 2018March 20187.60%
October 2017December 20177.80%
July 2017September 20177.80%
April 2017June 20177.90%
April 2021March 20227.10%
April 2020March 20217.10%
April 2019March 20207.90%
April 2018March 20198.00%
April 2017March 20187.80%
April 2016March 20178.10%
April 2015March 20168.70%
April 2014March 20158.70%
April 2013March 20148.70%
April 2012March 20138.80%
April 2011March 20128.60%
April 2010March 20118.00%
April 2009March 20108.00%
April 2008March 20098.00%
April 2007March 20088.00%
April 2006March 20078.00%
April 2005March 20068.00%
April 2004March 20058.00%
April 2003March 20048.00%
April 2002March 20039.00%
April 2001March 20029.50%
April 2000March 200111.00%
April 1999March 200012.00%
April 1998March 199912.00%
April 1997March 199812.00%
April 1996March 199712.00%
April 1995March 199612.00%
April 1994March 199512.00%
April 1993March 199412.00%
April 1992March 199312.00%
April 1991March 199212.00%
April 1990March 199112.00%
April 1989March 199012.00%
April 1988March 198912.00%
April 1987March 198812.00%
April 1986March 198712.00%

Credit of Interest in PPF Account

PPF interest is credited to PPF Account at the end of respective financial year which means, interest for April 2018 to March 2019 will be credited in PPF Account on 31st March 2019. You can use PPF Calculator to calculate the amount of PPF Interest.

Taxation on PPF Interest

PPF interest is fully tax-free. Contribution by your spouse and children in your PPF account also qualifies for PPF tax benefits. PPF investment falls under EEE (Exempt-Exempt-Exempt) category which means:

  1. Deposits up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum in the PPF qualifies for tax deductions under Section 80C of Income Tax Act
  2. Interest Income of PPF Account is Tax Exempt
  3. Maturity Value of PPF Investment is also Tax Free