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What is a Gold Loan EMI?

A Gold loan in India is offered by several banks at a lower interest rate starting at 12% to 15% as on 13 May 2022 These loans allow you to repay them in maximum of 1 Years. Banks offer the best Gold loan schemes and you can repay the loan through easy EMIs.

You need not submit any income proof for taking gold loan as it is given against physical security of your gold | gold ornaments. Most of the banks do not ask you any income proof, still some banks may need some documentary income proof. Minimal documentation is required, in most of the cases, only identity proof and address proof is enough.

Benefits of EMI Calculator

Even before you apply for a loan, you need to know if you have the ability to obtain a loan. This can be done with the help of a EMI Calculator. Calculating your EMI will let you budget better in order to make the EMI payments on time. The other benefits of the EMI Calculator include:

  • Accessibility:This online gold loan calculator is accessible from anywhere from any device.
  • Accuracy: Using a EMI Calculator is more accurate than calculating the numbers yourself.
  • Rate of Interest: As stated above, EMI calculations need to be done even before you start your loan application. A EMI Calculator can help you with this.
  • Fast Calculation: As soon as you enter loan amount, tenure (in months) and interest rate, it immediately calculates the EMI on a click.
  • Save Time: You need not do all the calculations on your own or you are not required to go anywhere for getting to know the EMI amount. It will display the EMI instantly.
  • Amortization Table: It also provides whole amortization table comprising with date, principal, interest and EMI for the whole tenure. This will be on monthly basis. Suppose you take tenure of 10 years (120 months), the table will contain all the details for full 120 months.

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