idbi bank debit card types overview features and benefits Debit Card Types, Overview, Features & Benefits

Overview of Idbi Bank

Industrial Development Bank of India Limited (IDBI Ltd.) was incorporated as a Govt. Company under the Companies Act, 1956 on September 27, 2004. In May 07, 2008, the name of IDBI Ltd. was changed to IDBI Bank Limited. IDBI Bank Ltd. is today one of India's largest commercial Banks.

Features & Benefits of Idbi Bank Debit Card

  • Enhanced Access at ATMs and Merchant Establishments
  • Widely accepted at over 30 million merchant locations across the world
  • Better tracking with instant SMS alerts on transaction made on the Card
  • Discounts at merchant establishmentsto the Debit Card holders
  • Insurance Cover for lost and counterfeit cards comes with some of the cards
  • Loyalty Program: Customers will gain loyalty point for amounr spent on the Debit Card

Types of Idbi Bank Debit Cards

IDBI Bank Signature Debit Card

Signature Debit Card offers the card holders the access to a host of premium services. They can enjoy special deals and discounts at merchant outlets like Lifestyle, Fine Dining, Travel, Health & Fitness, etc.

IDBI Bank Platinum Debit Card

IDBI Bank Platinum Debit Card has been specially designed for those who deserve better than the best with an enhanced limit on ATM withdrawals to upto Re. 1 lakh and shopping for upto Rs. 2 lakh a day.

IDBI Bank Gold Debit Card

IDBI Bank Gold Debit Card gives you a golden opportunity to feel special by complementing your lifestyle. It enable you to withdraw upto Rs. 75,000 worth from ATM and for transactions also it allows upto Rs. 75000/- at shopping establishments both online and offline.

IDBI Bank Classic Debit Card

IDBI Bank Classic Debit Card offers you the convenience of shopping cashless in India and abroad it also allows ATM withdrawals worldwide that too in local currency. It is valid across 30mn merchant establishments and ATMs in India and abroad.

IDBI Bank Womens Debit Card

IDBI Bank Women's Debit Card is for the women who is looking more convenience and features. ATM & Shopping limit of Rs 40,000 a day and discounts are some of them.

It is issued on a VISA platform and offers you the most exclusive offers, packed with convenience and rewards like never before.

IDBI Bank Being Me Debit Card

IDBI Bank Being Me Debit Card is a specially designed card for first time working professionals and students pursuing professional courses. It is targeted to youths in the age group of 18-25 years.

IDBI Bank KIDS Debit Card

IDBI Bank Kids debit card is designed for the youngest segment of IDBI Bank's customers. The motive behind introducing this card is to instil some confidence in kids when it comes to handling money and savings.

IDBI Bank Rupay Platinum Chip Debit Card

IDBI Bank Rupay Platinum Chip Debit Card is a specially designed Debit Card launched in association with NPCI. The card not only comes with enhanced limit and Insurance but is also loaded with many special privileges and offers which will make your banking truly special.