dcb bank limited debit card types overview features and benefits Debit Card Types, Overview, Features & Benefits

Overview of Dcb Bank

DCB Bank is a modern emerging new generation private sector bank having 293 plus state-of-the-art, customer friendly branches across 19 states and 3 union territories, 515 ATMs, over 450,000 customers across the country. The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) is the promoter of the Bank with around 15.02% stake. DCB Bank has deep roots in India since its inception in 1930s. It is a professionally managed and governed scheduled commercial bank regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. DCB Bank's business segments are Retail, micro-SME, SME, mid-Corporate, Agriculture, Commodities, Government, Public Sector, Indian Banks, Co-operative Banks and Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC). DCB Bank is rated as the Best Small Bank in India by Businessworld Magna Awards 2017.

Features & Benefits of Dcb Bank Limited Debit Card

  • Safe ATM usage (both DCB bank's and other banks)
  • Convenient payment for shopping, bill payments, dining, etc (both offline and online)
  • Free SMS alerts for all transactions on your card
  • DCB Bank 24x7 customer support is always available
  • Enjoy all offers & discounts offered by Visa
  • Experience the convenience of Visa ATMs, cashless shopping and exciting benefits

Types of Dcb Bank Debit Cards

CSB Global Support International Debit cum Shopping Card

CSB Global Support International Debit-cum-Shopping Card is offered in association with VISA, the card has a card-to-card money transfer facility; a facility that allows a person with a Global Support Card to transfer money through the CSB's ATM to any other person with a VISA card. The card will be useful to NRIs who can use it in a foreign country and get the debit to their accounts in India.

DCB International Visa Debit Card

With DCB International Visa Debit Card, the card holder can experience the convenience of cashless shopping along with exciting offers on your purchases. DCB Debit Cards allows the card holder round the clock, 24x7 access to his/ her bank account in India and while he/ she travels overseas.