Do's and Don'ts of Usage of ATM/ Debit Card

  1. Keep the Card in the same fashion as you keep your cash.
  2. Please make sure to conduct any ATM transaction in complete privacy Keep your card in a secure place where you will immediately know if it is missing. Also, keep the ATM-cum-debit card carefully so that the magnetic stripe does not get damaged. Beware of "Shoulder Surfing" and Shield your PIN from onlooker by covering the keypad while entering the PIN.
  3. Change the PIN (Personal Identification Number) as and when received by you first time.
  4. The Cardholder will use the PIN to avail ATM services using the card. Cardholder should ensure that the PIN mailed by the Bank is received in a sealed envelope without any tampering.
  5. Memorize you PIN.
  6. The PIN should be kept secret by the cardholder.
  7. After completion of your transaction and before leaving the premises please ensure that "Welcome Screen" is displayed in ATM.
  8. Do register your mobile number with the bank for getting alerts for your ATM Transaction Alerts.
  9. Do keep an eye on suspicious movements of people around ATMs.
  10. Whenever card is used at merchant location, ensure to swipe the card in your presence.
  11. Obtain and preserve charge slip copies from the merchants for purchase and cancellation of transactions and reconcile the same through your account.
  12. Beware of Strangers trying to engage you in conversation.
  13. The cardholder must immediately notify the bank or customer care centre of the bank, if the Card is lost/ stolen or PIN is forgotten or accidently divulged.
  14. If the lost/stolen card is subsequently recovered, the Cardholder should not use the same but destroy that card by cutting it into several pieces through the magnetic strip.
  15. Preserve the customer receipts of ATM transactions and reconcile your account.
  16. The cardholder, willing to terminate the use of the ATM/ Debit Card, should give the bank not less than 15 days prior notice in writing and surrender the card to the bank.
  17. Carry out online transactions with merchants whose websites has adequate transaction security services like Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

Dont's of Usage of ATM/ Debit Card

  1. Don't lend your card to anyone.
  2. Don't let anyone see you entering the PIN.
  3. Don't leave your card in ATM or at Point of Service (POS).
  4. Don't forget to collect the cash dispensed from ATM as it doesn't take the cash back.
  5. Don't choose a PIN that corresponds to your birth date, vehicle number.
  6. The cardholder should not keep any written record of the PIN of the card.
  7. Do not leave the card lying around the house or on your desk at work.
  8. Don't forget to collect your card and your receipt, after completion of the transaction.
  9. Never give the card to a third party for ATM operations.
  10. Do not keep card and pin number together.
  11. Do not disclose you PIN to anybody at any time.