Cub Visa Platinum Debit Card - Benefits, Charges and Eligibility

Cub Visa Platinum Debit Card Overview

CUB Visa Platinum Debit Card lets you Shopping at retail and e-commerce, and all ATMs worldwide. It provides you Convenience when you shop, dine, pay your bills whether offline, online or abroad!

Cub Visa Platinum Debit Card Features

  • Higher limits of Cash withdrawal up to Rs 1,00,000/- per day at ATM
  • Purchases up to Rs 2,00,000/- per day at POS
  • Purchases up to Rs 1,00,000/- per day at e-commerce
  • Use debit card online to shop, pay bills, book movie or train tickets
  • Card Holders are protected against fraudulent purchase transactions from the moment you report the loss to our 24 hour call centre

Cub Visa Platinum Debit Card Eligibility

All Savings/Current account holders with the bank are eligible to apply for this card. Existing eligible customers can also upgrade the accounts to apply for this card.

Cub Visa Platinum Debit Card Fees & Charges

  • Charges for issuance of Card : Nil
  • Second Year Onwards Annual Fee: Please contact your bank branch
  • PoS/Ecom Transactions: Nil
  • Card replacement charges (at customer request): Rs 250 plus GST
  • Mark Up Charges for each POSP transaction at Petrol Pumps: 2.5% + GST
  • Mark Up Charges for each POSP transaction at Railway Bookings: 2.5% + GST

Cub Visa Platinum Debit Card Benefits

  • Platinum debit card comes with a host of discount offers on dining, travelling, shopping and more
  • Enhanced Transaction Limits
  • No issuance charges
  • Receive SMS alerts on all the transactions done through CUB Visa Platinum Debit Card

What is EMV-Chip Based Debit Card?

EMV stands for Europay MasterCard and Visa, who developed this technology. EMV-chip based debit cards are the debit cards which have embedded microprocessor chip that stores and protects cardholders' information/ data. It uses enhanced security features to protect the important date of the card holders and discourages card's unauthorized usage.

EMV-chip based debit card generates fresh user data every time the user transacts. Therefore, it is impossible for hackers/ fraudsters to steal the information or copy the original data from any card. Further, EMV technology uses your debit card as well as PIN to complete any transaction.

What is a Contactless Debit Card?

Contactless debit card is a sensor embedded new age debit card that works on Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology using Radio Transmission to ascertain contact when the card is brought near a terminal. This enables the customers to make payments up to Rs.5,000 without swiping their cards & entering a PIN.

Benefits of a Contactless Card

  • Fast & Convenient
  • Safe & Secure
  • No chance of losing or misplacing it

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked all banks in the country to replace magnetic-strip debit/ credit cards with EMV-chip based cards by 31 December 2018 as magnetic cards are quite vulnerable to skimming. Banks have already replaced the existing magnetic strip debit/ credit cards with latest EMV chip cards. Banks will provide it free of cost.