How to Find 17 Digit LPG Id in Indane Gas

There are millions of customers who have their gas connections of Indane Gas. If you are also an Indane Gas Connection Holder, then you must be allotted a 17-digit LPG ID, which is used for PAHAL (DBTL).

Whenever a person applies for a gas connection and gets it, he/ she is allotted a 17-digit LPG ID. It does not matter, you have a gas connection of Indane or HP or Bharat Gas, you will be allotted an LPG ID.

Need for LPG ID

LPG ID is a unique id given to each gas connection holder. In order to get your LPG subsidy directly to your bank account, you require your LPG ID.

Gas Agency asks you to submit your Bank Details for transferring your LPG Gas subsidy to your bank account. You need to mention it while filling up the form of gas connection where there is one more field where you have to write for your LPG ID. Indane LPG Id consists of 17 Digits.

How to Find 17-digit LPG ID of Indane Gas?

You need to follow below mentioned step by step process to find 17-digit LPG ID of Indane Gas online:

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Page to Find LPG Id will open.
  3. Now you can find your LPG Id in 2 ways here.

  4. One way is finding your LPG Id through "Quick Search" by entereing Mobile Number or Distributor's name & Consumer number.
  5. Second way is find your LPG Id through "Normal Search" by entereing your State, District, Distributor's name & Consumer number.
  6. Then your need to enter Security Code.
  7. Click on "Proceed".
  8. Then your 17 Digit LPG ID of Indane Gas will be displayed on screen.