How to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection?

What is Deactivation of Indane Gas Connection?

  • If you are a consumer of Indane Gas but you have not refilled your Indane LPG cylinder in more than 6 months then your gas connection will automatically get deactivated by the Indane.
  • You can also deactivate your Indane Gas connection on your own.
  • After deactivating gas connection, you will not be able to book the order of refilling. You are required to reactivate your Indane Gas Connection for booking refill order.

What to do to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection?

You need to contact your LPG distributor in order to reactivate a deactivated Indane LPG connection. For this purpose you are also required to fil up and submit a form named "Format for Re-activation of Deactivated Connection" with your distributor.

Procedure to Reactivate Indane Gas Connection

The customer need to complete the following requirements with his/ her distributor:
  1. The customer needs to fill up a form named "Format for Re-activation of Deactivated Connection"
  2. This form is available online, which can be downloaded by clicking here
  3. In this form the customer needs to mention following details:
    • Name of Distributor
    • Consumer Number
    • Name of Consumer
    • Reason For Not availing refills for More than 6 months
  4. After mentioning all the above details, he/ she has to sign the form
  5. Submit Format for Re-activation of Deactivated Connection along with KYC form duly filled in with all details, if not submitted earlier
  6. The distributor will verify the consumer number, name and tally the signature with the SV, if available, or will ask for a proof of identity
  7. The distributor will also check the completeness of the KYC form
  8. After successful verification of above details by the distributor, the process of re-activation will be done

Points to Note

  • The connection deactivated due to suspected multiple connections, will not be re-activated. In such case, the distributor will get it verified and the customer will be asked to surrender the connection, if found customer having multiple connections.
  • In order to avoid de-activation of your Gas Connection, keep in mind to refill your gas cylinder once in 6 months.