Indane Gas Customer Care | Know the Status of the Query/Complaint

Indane Gas, which has a customer base of over 60 lakhs in India, has always paid attention towards providing best services to its customers so that its customers remain satisfied. In order to improve its efficiency to resolve any query, issues and complaints of its customers, it has introduced the service of using unique toll free numbers for the complaint registration through call centers from October 2, 2008.

Indane Gas Customer Care Toll-Free Number18002333555
Customer can call in Manual ModeFrom 8 AM to 8 PM
Customer can approach through IVRS ModeFrom 8 PM to 8 AM

Indane gas has facilitated this toll-free number so that the customer does not have to face any financial burden while lodging any complaint regarding Indane Gas. The nummber is very simple and easy to remember. This number can be reached from anywhere in India by the customers.

Who Handles the Customer Care Calls?

A trained and experienced team of Indane Gas representatives handles the calls received on this toll-free number. They talk to the customers very politely and do their best to resolve any type of queries or complaints related to Indane Gas.

Language Used in Customer Care Calls

The call centers are operated region-wise and hence the customers can lodge complaints in local/ regional language also in addition to common languages Hindi and English.

How the Complaint gets Resolved? or Complaint Resolution

The team handling customer care calls tries to solve the issue during the call. In case, the team is unable to resolve the issue immediately, the query/ complaint is registered and the customer is given a complaint registration number. The customer is intimated as soon as the query/ complaint is resolved by the team.

How to Know the Status of the Query/ Complaint?

The customer, who wishes to know about the status of the complaint, can call up the call center on Indane Gas Customer Care Toll-Free Number 18002333555 and get the updated status with the help of complaint registration number given at the time of lodging the Query/ Complaint.