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Indane Gas

Indane Gas, which is an LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), was launched in 1970s by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in India. LPG is flammable mix of hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles.

Indane LPG for domestic cooking purposes is available in 14.2Kg capacity cylinders with authorized LPG distributors of IOCL. Markets where transporting the 14.2 Kg cylinders are inconvenient, LPG is also marketed in 5Kg cylinders.

For domestic use only one subsidized LPG connection is provided per family. Customers can approach the distributors for availing a new connection, Transferring the connection and/or refill booking.

For availing the new connection customer shall approach his/her nearest distributor, if they are residing within the area of operation of a distributor.

Indane Gas SMS Service

  • To get the LPGID please message LPGID to 8130792899.
  • To get the status of seeding please message DBTLSTATUS to 8130792899.
  • To get the current status of quota of subsidized cylinders consumed please message LPGQUOTA to 8130792899.
  • To get the details of the permanent advance and last refill subsidy received please message SUBSIDY to 8130792899.
  • To give up subsidy, please message GIVEITUP to 8130792899.

Indane Gas new Connection Documents Required

Identity Proof: Xerox copy of any one of the document with signature:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Driving License or Passport
  3. Voters ID

Residence Proof: Xerox copy of any one of the document listed below:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. SSLC Certificate
  3. Rental/ Lease Agreement
  4. Ration Card or any of your most recent utility bills

Usage of Indane Gas

  • Indane Gas can be used for domestic, industrial as well as commercial purposes.
  • The weight of the cylinder is 14.2 kg for domestic purpose.
  • The weight of the cylinder is 19 kg for industrial purpose.
  • The weight of the cylinder is 47.5 kg for commercial purpose.

Regulation of Indane Gas

Government of India has been the regulator of Indane Gas since its launch.

Important Points regarding Indane Gas

  • Indane is one of the largest packed LPG Brands in the world
  • Indane has 45 Area Offices in India
  • Over 5.8 million Customers are being serviced by Indane
  • There are over 5500 Indane distributors in India
  • Indane distribution network delivers 1.20 million cylinders every day
  • 57.41 million Families are being served by Indane

How to Book Indane Gas?

There are following four ways through which Indane Gas can be booked:

  1. Through Indane Gas IVRS Service
  2. By sending an SMS
  3. Through web portal of Indane Gas i.e.
  4. Through Mobile App

Indane Gas New Connection Online Through SAHAJ

A facility of on-line release of LPG connection with online payment, called 'SAHAJ (e-SV)' has been launched by all the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) in Delhi on 1st May 2015.

Benefits of SAHAJ (e-SV) are Reduction in Lead Time, Better Monitoring, Consumer Education and Cashless Transactions.

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY)

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) was launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on May 01, 2016 in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. PMUY's main objective is to safeguard the health of women & children by providing them with a clean cooking fuel ( i.e. LPG). The gas connections under PMUY scheme will be issued only in the name of women of the household.

Under this scheme, 5 Crores LPG connections would be provided to BPL families with a support of Rs.1600 per connection in the next 3 years. 4,73,27,314 PMUY connections have been released till July 18, 2018.

Subsidised Prices for 14.2 kg Indane Gas LPG Cylinder

Delhi 496.26
Kolkata 499.48
Mumbai 494.10
Chennai 484.67

Non-Subsidised Prices for 14.2 kg Indane Gas LPG Cylinder

Delhi 754.00
Kolkata 781.50
Mumbai 728.50
Chennai 770.50

Non-Subsidised Prices for 19 kg Indane Gas LPG Cylinder in Metros

Delhi 1328.00
Kolkata 1382.00
Mumbai 1286.50
Chennai 1424.50