How to Transfer Gas Connection from Indane to Other Gas Agency?

If you are looking for Transferring your Gas Connection from Indane to any other Gas Agency such as HP or Bharat Gas, you can go for it very easily. This is called Inter-Company Transfer/ Inter-Company Portability.

To improve a healthy competition among distributors in the interest of customers, it was felt a portability system enabling customers to migrate between cluster of distributors both intra and intercompany to be put in place. That is why customers have been allowed to migrate to their chosen distributor within the cluster for better service.

Reasons for Transfer of Gas Connection from Indane to Other Gas Agency

You may find is necessary to change your gas agency in any of the following ocassions:

  1. You are moving to a new address within the same city which is not under the area of operations of your existing gas agency
  2. You are transferring to a different city
  3. You are unhappy with the services provided by existing gas agency
  4. You want to move to a gas agency whose distributor is closer to your home

Documents Required to Transfer Gas Connection from Indane to Other Gas Agency

  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Identity
  • Domestic Gas Consumer Card (DGCC) Booklet
  • Gas Regulator
  • Gas Subscription Voucher (SV) (which you had received with your gas connection)
  • Request Letter for transfer (write customer number, current address and address of the gas agency where you want to transfer the connection)

How to Transfer Gas Connection from Indane to Other Gas Agency?

  1. Visit the the web portal by clicking on Indane Gas
  2. Register yourself in the site, if not registered already.
  3. See the distributors in the cluster and their star rating in terms of refill delivery performance ( 5 Star- Excellent, 4 Star- Good, 3 star- Average, 2 Star- below Average and 1 star - Poor).
  4. Choose the distributor of your choice from the cluster.
  5. You will then receive an email confirming the registration and advising details of procedure.
  6. In case of Inter-Company transfer, as the equipment is not compatible across companies, consumer will need to visit the existing distributor and surrender cylinder and pressure regulator
  7. Collect refund/ transfer documents
  8. Approach the chosen new distributor for reconnection by paying the security deposit.
  9. No transfer fee or additional security deposit will be charged for transfer of connection under portability scheme.

Points to Note regarding Inter-Company Transfer/ Inter-Company Portability

Proactive electronic tracking of the portability request with escalation matrix and its closure is in place to ensure that a consumer does not have any difficulty in moving to the distributor of his choice.