Bank of India Overdraft, BOI Overdraft Interest Rates

Bank of India (BOI) Bank offers all its account holders an overdraft facility with minimum interest rate.

BOI Overdraft against Securities

BOI offers BOI Overdraft against Securities for personal purposes or for carrying on business activities and it can be availed in non-patriable Indian Rupees.

Overdraft proceeds will help in acquiring a flat/ house in India for own residential use subject to the provisions of the relevant Regulations made under the Act of Reserve Bank of India.

Bank of India Overdraft Features

  • BOI Overdraft against Securities is a secured overdraft
  • Overdraft will be available in non-repatriable Indian Rupees
  • No EMIs are applicable

Bank of India Overdraft Repayment

Repayment shall be made in the following ways:

  1. By adjustment of the deposit
  2. By fresh inward remittances from outside India
  3. Out of local rupee resources in the NRO account of the borrower