RTO in India

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. It is a government organisation whose main objective is to maintain the database of all the vehicles and the drivers for various states and union territories of India.

There are many RTOs located in various cities in India to provide different kinds of services to the citizens of India. RTO functions according to guidelines issued in Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Your vehicle needs to be registered at the RTO under whose jurisdiction your address falls.

Functions of RTO

  • Issuing driving licences: Learner's Licence and Permanent Licence, International driving licence
  • Issuing driving licence
  • Maintenance of database of all the drivers
  • Sell personalised registrations: register a new vehicle
  • Re-registration of a vehicle
  • Facilitate Vehicle Ownership Transfer
  • Booking Duplicate RC
  • Maintenance of database of all the vehicles
  • Issuing fitness certificates to transport vehicles
  • Issuing Smart Card Based Driving Licence and Registration Certificate
  • Collection of vehicle excise duty (road tax and road fund licence)
  • Inspection of vehicle's insurance
  • Clearance of pollution test

Many RTOs in India are using information technology for providing hassle-free citizen centric services. You need to visit the RTO located in your city for any RTO-related services.

Types of Regional Transport Office

Regional Transport Office TypeFull Form
ARTO Additional Transport Office
AssRTO Assistant Regional Transport Office
DTC Deputy Transport Commissioner
DTO District Transport Office
DyDZO Deputy Directorate Zonal Office
DyRTO Deputy Regional Transport Office
JtRTO Joint Regional Transport Officer
JTC Joint Transport Commissioner
LA Licensing Authority
MVI Motor Vehicle Inspector
PVD Public Vehicles Department
RLA Regional Licensing Authority
RTA Regional Transport Authority
RTO Regional Transport Office
SDivO Subdivisional Office
SDM Subdivisional Magistrate
SRTO Sub Regional Transport Office
STA State Transport Authority
UO Unit Office
WIAA Western India Automobile Association

Traffic Rules and Regulations

Traffic Rules and Regulations have to be abide by all the citizens. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is the organisation which is responsible for issuing these rules and regulations. If someone does not follow these rules and breaks the same then it is considered an offence and he has to pay fine for it.