How to Link Ration Card with Aadhaar?

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Ration card is issued by the government authorities to the individuals to get the food at a subsidized rate. As we all know that ration card is also one of the oldest identity proofs. If a person gets his ration card linked with his aadhaar card then not only it will help in issuance of fradulent ration cards but will also stramline all the benefits attached to ration card.

Steps to Link Ration Card with Aadhaar

If you want to link your Ration card with your Aadhaar then you can do so easily. Please follow the stepwise process of linking of Ration card with your Aadhaar given below:

  1. Visit the nearest Ration office or a PDS (Public Distribution Shop)
  2. Make a request for linking your Ration Card with Aadhaar
  3. Hand over the self-attested copies of your and your family members' Aadhaar cards and passport size photograph of the head of the family
  4. Provide self-attested copy of your ration card
  5. You also need to provide a copy of bank passbook, if Aadhaar not linked with your bank account
  6. On successful verification of these documents by the concerned authorities, linking of Ration card with your Aadhaar will be processed
  7. You will then receive a notification about linking of Ration card with your Aadhaar

Benefits of Linking Aadhaar with Ration Card

The major benefit is that fraudulent activities can be prevented, if your Aadhaar is linked with Ration Card. Genuine beneficiaries can also be identified. It will not only eliminate fake accounts but will also bring in transparency into the system.